How to complete Hybrid Nations SBC in FIFA 23

SBC may seem endless in FIFA Ultimate Team. And yet, they are one of the best ways to get special cards for your squad. That said, what happens if you are not quick enough to reach some of them? Well, that is where advanced SBS enter, which are included in the game in the launch and remain until you complete them. Today, we will guide it through How to complete the SBC of hybrid nations in FIFA 23 .

SBC guide for FIFA 23 hybrid nations

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When it comes to completing Hybrid Nations in FIFA 23, there are actually four separate SBS that players must complete to get the general reward. They are, without any particular order: the final oven, six of the best, eight elite and surround the world. To find them, simply go to challenges of creating squads> Advanced> hybrid nations, and there you will find all the ovens.

Next, you will find our solutions for both elite eight and around the world . What follows after that will be the requirements and rewards for both the last four and the best six.

SBC solutions of previous hybrid nations

Elite eight


  • Exactly 4 nationalities.
  • max. 4 players from the same club.
  • max. 4 players from the same league.
  • Min. 4 rare players.
  • Min. 70 OR team classification.
  • Min. 15 squad chemistry points.


Six of the best [Reward: Small Prime Gold Players Pack]

  • Exactly 6 nationalities.
  • max. 3 players of the same nation.
  • max. 3 players from the same club.
  • Min. Classification of 75 OR equipment.
  • Min. 18 squad chemistry points.

Its reward for completing the four compilations is a package of rare Jumbo players, which is not negotiable as all the advanced SBC rewards of this year.

FIFA Hybrid Nations DCP Tour of FIFA 23

These can be tedious, but in general, each of these will not cost him too much in terms of coins. Particularly if you have not done any of these so far. Most likely, if you are a FUT hoard, have many saved applicable cards. If so, we recommend adding a handful of those that cannot be exchanged. That way, they will not be in vain.

The most complicated part of these is that they require specific chemical levels. Let’s go for it.

The four finals: ~ 4,500-6,000 coins

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To meet those chemistry requirements, prepare to group their nationalities by the League. To do this, we have chosen Italians from Serie A, three Spaniards of Align, two French of Ligue 1 and two Germans of the Bundesliga. We also fulfill our qualification requirement (76) by totaling the exact love of the required chemistry points.

Due to the low qualification requirement (70), players may experiment with letters of all quality. So be sure to search the fluctuating market if you think it can be lowed, but keep in mind that the chemistry requirement can constantly stumble. From what is worth, no card should see you spend more than 700 coins at the time of writing this article.

six of the best: ~ 5000-6500 coins

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We took a similar approach here, with the warning that there was always a strange man. For that particular nation, anyone chooses, make sure it is a player who represents one of the leagues that are already present in your configuration. As for the breakdown for nationality, we opted for two players of each of the following nations: Brazil, England, France, Germany and Portugal.

In other places, we take full advantage of the maximum of three players at the club level by selecting players from a different country. We decided on the Roma of the Serie A for this particular construction, but that does not mean Beer to be as you play it. As for our final nationality, we did not get too demanding. Instead, we simply look for cm from the Bundesliga to find out of the Czech Republic.

Our qualification requirement (75) is just a little higher than our final compilation Four, but not much. That is why we can go out with ours without having all the rare golden players. And unlike the Final Four, there is no rare card requirement. There is a slightly higher chemistry requirement (18), a threshold that we barely crossed. But again, that’s all that matters. From now on, no card should cost more than 700 coins.

That is all you need to know to complete the Hybrid Nations SBC in FIFA 23 .
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