ADV GOODBYE WORLD depicting the distress of game developers will be released on November 17 at Nintendo Switch/Steam. Strict reality that stands

Fly High works announced on November 10 that it will launch GOODBYE WORLD on November 17. The compatible platform is Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam), and the price is 1200 yen including tax. This information was introduced in the information program Indie World 2022.11.10 by Nintendo.

GOODBYE WORLD is a narrative adventure game that follows the story of two game developers while playing puzzle action games. The main character of this work is two girls who are developing games together during the vocational school days. Kanji, a shy and obedient programmer, and a rake of a good designer. After graduating from a vocational school, they choose a way to make indie games and sell them. But a harsh reality was waiting in front of them. The game that was released did not sell, and while the part-time job time increased, the rake made a decision. The story of two game developers is drawn.

In the work, Kanji plays a game boy-style retro game Blocks during a part-time job. The player will play the same work as an in-game game, followed by her experience. Blocks is a 2D puzzle action game that aims to clear the stage by operating the character. The operation character has the ability to break jumping and block. Also, if you break the cracked blocks, you can install the blocks as much as you want. The purpose is to make full use of block destruction and installation, and clear the stage.

There are 12 types of Blocks stages, and skip is possible. In this work, the story of Kanji and the rake and the game play of Blocks are alternately developed. On the other hand, since the story is linear, skipping does not affect the story.

The work is developing this work by Yo FUJI, a personal developer in Japan. He released Nimrod and Horror house as a free game in the past. Until the spring of 2021, he seemed to work as a developer in the game industry. In this work, the work, which was originally developed on Twitter, was developed in a fluid change. According to his tweet, this work is the theme of manufacturing, and if you have suffered from creating something, you can sympathize with it. It is also said that in-game games are too difficult to play, and are looking forward to clear reports.

GOODBYE WORLD will be released on November 17 for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The price is 1200 yen including tax. The trial version is also being distributed on the Steam store page.

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