LOL: Spiritualss force dominates Awake Gaming on date 4 of the Golden Cup

A new day of clashes for the Golden Cup where teams seek to continue demonstrating their best skills to get the greatest number of points that allow them A long time and now the pass to the next phase is at stake.

The first map would have a great skill display on both sides to seek to have the opportunity to conquer the rivals, taking a selection of serious in the hands of Says in the jungle that would become a key piece of the confrontation To define the objectives in favor of the team of the deer who take the lead in the series with the first victory.

By the second confrontation, things became different because the awakening team would have an interesting appearance with a Leblanc in the hands of Melchior that would make great ravages from the line of lines and in the rotations to be able to cause damage in each Zone that could to obtain early objects that would end up being the key to Awake’s triumph.

With the tied things we would see both teams to reset the mental in search of this meeting, taking a Miss Fortune in the hands of Dankest We would see how the Spirituals team proposes a slightly calmer game focused on protecting its shooter than I would use the definitive way to cause great damage to the equipment by equipment that determined the fate of the meeting in its favor.

The fourth game could be the end of everything but the Dawn team would seek to create the best opportunity to send to a fifth stage, the aggression of Same would be what will motivate Awake to get a wide advantage but the response of Kai in the upper lane would be brutal with his Matrix to be able to climb in a good way to be able to finalize things in his favor and take the victory.

After several quite at odd maps, the triumph of Spirituals Dispute the deer will be for the progress to the grand final of the Golden Cup to find champion in this preseason tournament.

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