October production, domestic and exports increased in October… Eco -friendly car export and amount ↑

Even in the unstable internal and external environment, Korea’s automobile production, domestic demand, and exports have increased.

According to the October automotive industry trend announced by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on the 11th, production was 32,486, up 24.2% from the same period last year.

Last year, GM Korea (364.6%↑) and Swansong Motors (157.6%↑), which were producing production due to the peninsula difficulties, recorded three-digit growth rate.

The domestic demand was 14,363, up 15.2% from the same month last year. In both domestic and imported cars, sales increased for three consecutive months.

Domestic cars sold 118,569 units, up 11.6% due to the base effect last year, and imported cars led 25,794 units, up 35.5%, thanks to strong sales of electric cars.

Exports were 20,544 units, up 30.2% from the same period last year. Exports increased 28.5% to $4.92 billion, ranking first in October.

An official from the Ministry of Industry explained, As the semiconductor supply and demand is improved, all five cars have increased exports from last year.

Eco-friendly car exports were 52,279 units, up 36.1% from the same month last year, and exports increased 27.1% to $1.45 billion. It is ranked second in the monthly export and amount of eco-friendly cars.

The share of total car exports was 25.1%, the highest ever. The export amounted to 29.4%of the total, exceeding the $1 billion line for 14 consecutive months. In particular, the exports of electric and hydrogen cars were estimated to be $732 million, leading to the highest ever, leading to earnings growth.

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