Wave system demon hunting FPS Hellbreach: VEGAS was announced. CALL OF DUTY influenced by zombie mode, a rampage shooter that earns and defeats up to 4 people

Publisher Iceberg Interactive announced on November 11 the FPS HellBreach: Vegas by Infinity APE STUDIOS. The compatible platform is PC (Steam) and will be distributed in 2023.

Hell breach: Vegas is an FPS that confronts hell troops. Supports solo play and up to four online cooperation play. In this work, the devils appeared in Sin City, or Las Vegas, in search of a new home due to the frozen hell. As a human survivor, players confront guns with the demon horde of wavy attacks.

This work uses a wave-based gameplay, and the players aim to live in a total of 15 rounds. Includes endless mode that is endless. It is said that the enemy becomes powerful with each wave overnight, and the difficulty increases. There are 23 types of weapons, including pistols and rifles, and there are modern weapons, and some fictional weapons are fictional.

In the game play video, there are scenes where you pick up the falling AK-47 on the floor, but if you look closely, you can see the display of AK-47 ($1800). Also, when entering the building, it is also displayed as building a barricade ($2,000). In this work, you can earn money through the battle, and it seems to be used to purchase this equipment. In addition, it seems that there is an element of experience separately from the money, which leads to a perk that is useful for survival and an unlock some bonus element.

In addition, there is a slot machine in the map like Las Vegas, which can also be used with money to turn the slot. There are several types of slot machines, and it seems that weapons and attack power boosts can be obtained. In this work, you may be able to get skulls from the defeated enemy, and there are slots that hit the skull. The skull can be used to further enhance the above slots.

In addition, a game mode called GUN PRO will be prepared in this work. In this game mode, it is necessary to treat all weapons with high precision. Although the details are unknown, there is an explanation that you can compete with your friends to get all guns as soon as possible, and the weapon may change.

Infinity APE STUDIOS, which works on this work, was just established in 2021 in a personal studio of game designer Ashley Ellis. Regarding this work, the zombie mode of the CALL OF DUTY series is being developed with the aim of a work that can be enjoyed in a simple arcade style (PC Gamer).

Hell breach: Vegas will be distributed in 2023 to PC (Steam).

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