FIFA 23. Totw8: All teams of the team of week 8

That the celebration of the World Cup in Qatar and FIFA 23 is just around the corner is no excuse for the machinery of the Ultimate Team to stop: rather the opposite. EA Sports unleashes the eighth team of the week of Fut23 with a Salah that from Liverpool unchecks almost everyone else. Although it is not the only letter to take into account.


From today and for seven days it is possible to obtain 23 new cards of the team of the week in the envelopes and through objectives, and as every Wednesday in Extra we have gathered you all the main team in the same site, duly broken down their skills and attributes. Any fits wonderful in your team? Do not get lucky and bid for them in the transfers market.

Without further delay, then you will find the 11 new improved FIFA Ultimate Team 23. And Eye and even legends that acquire the status of super-heroes , and in this house we are prepared for everything that is yet to come.

Team of FIFA 23 Week

Belief (MI) Totw8, with 84 assessment

Hernández (Li) Totw8, with valuation of 86

Maddison (MD) TOTW8, with Valuation of 86

Miami (SD) TOTW8, with Valuation of 86

Salah (ed) TOTW8, with 92 valuation

Ávila (MD) TOTW8, with Valuation of 82

Tripper (LD) TOTW8, with Valuation of 86

Gabriel (DFC) TOTW8, with Valuation of 84

Bremen (DFC) TOTW8, with Valuation of 85

MANCHU (DC) TOTW8, with 82 assessment

TRAP (by) TOTW8, with valuation of 88

The 23 teams of the FIFA 23 Week 8

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