Fans enraged through the games that were missing in The Game Awards

Yesterday the video games and personalized nominated for The Game Awards were announced, a ceremony that has been celebrating for some years ago in the industry. And while there are categories that have their biggest candidates, there are some to which they needed titles, something that fans noticed and for that reason they bother.

First, there is Bayonet ta 3, Platinum Games’s ambitious video game that moved the world with its launch days ago, and although it is nominated in the action category, some think that it should have entered more categories. They even mentioned that they should remove Stray from his game position of the year by the witch.

The next title that users mention is Halo Infinite, Shooter who did not have a single nomination last year because he had launched late, this according to the statutes and organization of the event. The same thing caused him to stay in Limbo, since he did not qualify last year and therefore, neither in this 2022 for not having left the respective.


Despite having problems with the content after the launch, the fact that Halo Infinite does not have a single nomination for the Game Awards is crazy for me. Is it partly the negative perception around the game due to the problems after launch? Does people remember too long ago?

The awards will be held on December 8.

Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: Being sincere, I think it is unfair that both games do not miss the recognition of being nominated, and the truth, Stray does not paint much to be in some positions. However, we will see how everything is put in December.

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