Nornir Midgard God of War Ragnarok: Where to find and how to open everyone in the kingdom?

God of War Ragnarök’s Corner’s chests contain Dunn apples and bloody bottles, items needed to increase the Spartan life and fury, respectively. They are scattered throughout the various kingdoms of the game.

In this guide, we show the location of the Corner chests in Midgard. There are four in total in the kingdom, and they will all be available on the first trip Rates makes with Freya to the place.

Polo de URD-BAÚ NOR NIR 1/4

During the chapter The Word of Destiny, upon arriving at the third destination indicated by the wolves, you will come across the chest during the climb. There are 3 torches to light up with the chaos blades.

The first torch is right to the right of the chest. The second is to the left of the first torch and a little higher, you need to use the arrows scheme to light the pyre. The last one is at the top of the mountain, just climb the side of the first torch.


If you couldn’t get the second torch with the arrows, get off the top of the third torch. In this place it is possible to light the second pyre directly with the blades.

  • Reward: Bloody Hydromys Bottle


To access this Corner chest it is necessary to be doing the secondary mission Sign Curse. After releasing the whole arena and killing all enemies, position yourself almost in the middle of the site.

Start by throwing the ax into the left bell and then turn around quickly. Throw in the bell of the right and finish in the bell of the lighted side of the room. You need to play the three bells within a time limit.

  • Reward: Dunn apple

C. do Treasury-Baú Corner 3/4

This Corner chest is at the end of the secondary favor mentioned above. The first torch to be lit is right next to the shield. Then move the shield to the right and climb it. Take around the area to find the second torch.

After moving the pillar from above, go down and place the shield in the middle. Freeze the mechanisms with the arrows and enter the passage under the shield. Release Freya’s passage and use the arrows to light the last pyre right to the right.

  • Reward: Bloody Hydromys Bottle

Hidden-Baú Corner 4/4

Midgard’s last Corner chest can be achieved in the animal instinct secondary mission. Upon arriving at the hiding place, there are three torches to light. First, throw a bomb into the wall to open a hole in the middle, revealing the first torch.

After throwing another bomb to light it, go back to the beginning of the room to see a pyre far away. As there is a block on the top, it is necessary to throw the lower pump, thus needing to put the arrows to increase the radius of the explosion.

The last torch is at the bottom of the room, on the left side where you opened a hole in the wall. Use the arrows and then set fire with the chaos blades.

  • Reward: Dunn apple

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