Fallout New Vegas Director Josh Sawyer would like to make another part


He called New Orleans, California and the Middle West about a possible place for a new Fallout. At least one discussed it back then.

Desire for a new Fallout New Vegas doesn’t just have Sawyer. In October, Obsidian co-founder Fergus Urquhart expressed comparable interest in a brand-new Fallout video game.

I’m uncertain. I have not considered it for a while due to the fact that it somehow came into my life and after that vanished once again. In the past I said that individuals talked about New Orleans. I think California or the middle west would likewise be extremely intriguing.

I firmly believe that it is very important to find things for which I can inspire myself as a director, however who also inspire the group and who fit into the overall principle of the series.

I like Fallout, I enjoy the setting, I could envision working again, but we will see where the future will lead me.

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Game Director Josh Sawyer tells that he might imagine working again on such a game and setting.

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