How to get malicious armor in purple Pokemon

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet presents a lot of Pokémon wonderfully designed, and two that immediately come to mind and have fans anxious to have Armature and College in their hands. How can we not? The first is fire/psychic, and the last is fire/ghost, and both are strongly armored. If you prefer College, then you need to know how to get malicious armor in Pokémon purple.

Where can you get a malicious armor in Pokémon Purple? Answered

To get Malicious Armor in Pokémon Violet, you must make an exchange in the game with an NPC. With Malicious Armor in hand, you can use it to evolve Char cadet to College, who is exclusive to Pokémon Violet.

  • Capture or fight against Sinister for Sinister files.

Sinister habitats are found in the east province (area 3), on the outskirts of Zapping, and the South Province (area 6), around Alford. They are rare outside Zapping, but it is better than traveling to the South Province (area 6). You will need 10 sinister chips.

  • Trip to Zapping.

Zapping is located in the east province (area 3), hugging the edge of the great crater of Pale. Between the two fast travel points there is an old woman standing next to a source. Go ahead, talk to her.

  • Give 10 sinister chips.

In exchange for 10 sinister chips, the old woman will give you a single malicious armor. More importantly, it is a repeatable trade.

There you have: how to get malicious armor in Pokémon purple. It is the only way to add College to your team. It is also worth developing a good College to exchange with friends for an armory, since the latter is exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet. Are you looking for more help? Cooking is essential in the game, so you should definitely have an explanation of Meal Powers.


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