How to make a tanos from Marvel Snap Infinity Stones

One of the things that Marvel Snap did so smart is to integrate how the heroes act in comics and films, the game itself. Many cards are really similar to the character. And a few more, so the map of the tanks, which actually puts Snap in Marvel Snap. As Tanks says in the Avengers: Infinity War, with all six stones of infinity, I could just click with my fingers, and you will all stop existing. So, how to make a deck of the Marvel Snap Infinity Stones Tanks, which will do this with the enemy?

What are the stones of the infinity of Tanks in Marvel Snap?

It is important to note that with any Marvel Snap deck that includes tanks, you will receive six additional maps, infinity stones automatically added to it at the beginning of the game. To create a good tanks deck from the infinity stones, you need to give yourself the best chance to use all these additional cards. Cards:

  • The stone of the mind (1-1): at the autopsy, take two stones from your deck.


  • Stone of reality (1-1): When opening, turn this place into a new 1. Draw a card.
  • The stone of the soul (1-1): At the autopsy, take the map. It continues: enemy cards here have 1 force.

  • Space stone (1-1): when opening to the next move, you can move one card to this place. Draw a card.
  • Time stone (1-1): At the autopsy, take the map. You get +1 energy for the next move.
  • Stone of power (1-3): continuous. If you played all six stones, Tanks will have +10 to force.

The key to making the tanks deck work is to get a large impulse from the Stone of Power, which will happen only if you play all six stones. Therefore, you want to download your deck with any cards that can scroll your deck. The ability on reveal the stone of the mind itself helps in this, like the stone of the soul as well as the stone of time. But the more, the better. In addition, since all the stones are cheap in the throw, it should be easy to play if you can get them in your hand.

cards to add to the tanks from Infinity Stones

You strive to give yourself the best chance to see and play as many cards as possible. For a column of Tanks from Infinity Stones, the TOTTER combination is very strong.

  • Quintet: continues: cards that were not in your deck initially cost one less.
  • Thor: at an autopsy: take all the cards with zero cost from the deck.
  • Falcon: at an autopsy: return your cards with one cost in the hand.
  • Magic: You cannot play this at the sixth. If you find: change this location to Limbo.
  • Beast: at an autopsy: return the rest of the cards in this location in the hand. They cost one less.

To finish your deck, look for cards that either give strength to other cards, or get benefits from full locations (a man-man, blue miracle) or cheap cards (barracks, military machine). With so many cheap cards that need to be played, you will probably have complete locations.

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