The goddess of victory: Nikke, the new character La Plas released on the 24th

Level Infinite announced on the 22nd that it will launch a new character Laplace and hold a global illustration contest in the shift-up and the world’s recapture of the world.

First, the new SSR character ‘Laplace’, which is scheduled to be updated on the 24th, is a member of the strongest unit of Missiles Industries, which is characterized by using RL-hero syndrome weapons.


‘La Place’ is a Nike (character) who thinks of himself as the best hero and devotes himself to recapture the ground, such as fighting and fighting for others.

In addition, the level Infinite will be divided into fan art and costume design category from November 24 to January 9 next year.

In the judging, Kim Hyung-tae, the leading illustrator of Korea and the head of the shift-up, and the main designer IUEM (CuM) participate as a special judge. It is planned to be produced.

In particular, the winners will receive a certain prize, game items, and goods, and the details will be announced later. For more information about the new character Laplace and the global illustration contest, please visit the official lounge.

Meanwhile, the goddess of victory: Nike participated in the B2C booth at G-Star 2022 held in BEX CO, Susan from 17th to 20th, and more than 10,000 visitors visited for four days.

In addition, the G-Star Conference was a great response by the director of the game, the game design lecture for the immersive narrative of ‘Victory Goddess: Nike’.

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