Neptune, PvP Battle -based Multi Game Platform Bora Battle Brand Site Opened

Born Battle is a game room-type game service, which is a PVP (Player VS. Player) battle-based multi-game platform that competes with players around the world with casual games of various genres such as puzzles, cards, board games, sports and racing.

Born Battle’s brand site is basically introducing games that can be enjoyed on the Born Battle platform with a brief explanation of the Born Battle.

One-touch control, off-road racing game one-touch racer, one touch racer, a survival game bump doll unfolded by nine dolls, and a 10-way that competes for the sum of the sum of the dice. DICE), a single tier that takes a single minute for one minute of the puzzle game speed match, a bingo game bingo battle using a random number, and a solitaire that wins the card from A to K in order to win the card from A to K. There are six types of battles.

In addition, users can enjoy the game using the GEM in the game, and exchange the prize money from the game to BORN, Born Battle Roadmap and FAQ, official community Discord link, PFP NFT-Fungible token) information such as introduction. Neptune will also open the official Twitter page with the opening of Born Battle’s brand site.

The Born Battle Project will be partnered by Aka Games’ global game development and publishing subsidiary Meta Born (co-representative Song German, Woo Sang-jun) and global mobile game development and publisher Moby (CEO LIM Byung-soo). In October, the company announced that it will be on board on the blockchain-based content platform BORN.

Born Battle is being developed based on mobile and is preparing to launch global.

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