What is the gold ball at the opening of the Motagier man? Answered


The sequence of the title is a frantic montage of our favorite demon hunters in several combat and leisure states. To the rhythm of Kick ENSI One, it is easy to simply rock in the opening and miss the images, but a particular cut in particular has many questions: what is the golf ball in the opening of Chainsaw Man? Here is everything you need to know.

Explanation of the opening of the Golf Ball of Chainsaw Man

While many are spitting their theories, the Golden Ball in the introduction is more obviously a reference to the 1999 cult classic by David Fischer, Fight Club. The creator of Chainsaw Man, Katsuki Fujiko, is an avid fan of the films and has placed tributes to his favorite films throughout the sequence of the title. From it is not a country for old to the great Borowski.

The Golden Ball in Fight Club appears in a scene in which Project Mayhem detonates the spherical sculpture and lets it crash against a luxury cafeteria. Similarly, Power uses the ball as a tool to boost Benji to become a demon during the opening sequence.

Some say that the golf ball can have another more subtle and sensitive meaning. Golden ball can be translated as Mintaka, which is also a term of jargon for the testicles. Given the fact that Benji sold one in an effort to pay his debts and his inclination to kick people in his lower region, it is very possible that this Mintaka is a wink to Down Under.

And that is the answer to what is the golf ball in the opening sequence of Chainsaw Man. Do not forget to see more Chainsaw Man content, as our interview with the voice actors of dub of the opening sequence.

Image Source: Hulu and Zappa

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