[Review] Evil West, a simple and delicious action like an instant

The barriers to entry of the action are lowered and the splendor is up

Flying Wild Hog, who was in charge of the Shadow Warrior Reboot Series, showed a cheerful action to slice the enemy and a three-dimensional gag code, this time, this time, came to the new IP ‘Evil West’.

‘Evil West’ is a game that deals with the story of a vampire hunter in the western drama background and presents a visual that seems to have been inspired by Steven Homers’ film Van Helsing.
It is noteworthy that Flying Wild Hog, who has been adhering to first-person action, challenged the third person for the first time.

However, the only thing that changed was that the action game down action, which had been delivered by the developer since its predecessor, remains more advanced.

Game Name: Evil West
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 2022.11.22
Review: 1.0.3

Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Service: Focus Entertainment
Platform: PC, PS, Xbox
Play: PC


Interesting topic, memorable story

Western and Vampire Hunter. Although it is completely opposite, the theme that goes well with strangely meets the basis of the game called Evil West. In addition, as a result of the appropriate mixing of the industrial revolution and the development of electricity technology, the romance of the romance said, Western gunmen hunt vampires with a machine gauntlet with built-in generators.

Evil West, filled with such interesting topics, has attracted gamers’ immersion with intense directing from the introduction. If you look at the first appearance of the hero who punches and revolvers against a bizarre vampire, you are looking forward to what adventure you will have.

Evil West is a mixture of unique themes, but it has succeeded in setting up its own contact with its own contact. There is a clear goal of penetrating the game, and the motivation to move the main character is clear.

In addition, Flying Wild Hog has been able to make up for the behavior that showed the regret of the story every time, and the dictionary rendering cut scene is put into the main quarter of the story with the full dubbing to make it possible to enjoy and listen to the story. In other words, there were a glimpse of the traces of making a lot of effort to increase the satisfaction of the story.

However, despite the various efforts of the developer, Evil West’s story was unfortunate. Even though I showed an interesting theme and a story that used it properly, I couldn’t give a calm afterglow to keep it in my memory when I saw the ending.

The story is not so messy that it interferes with the game’s immersion. At least when playing the game, the story gave me a moderate motivation. However, from a big point of view, some of the things that were unfortunate were Billed’s weak presence, the development of the flow, and the complex terms.

First, Bill an’s presence, which had to be a certain hostility to the player, did not come much more than I thought. The final Bill an Felicity Davao was not often visible in the game except for the last chapter, and the scenes that performed evil were also replaced with in-game tooltips, lords, and short sentences rather than direct.

At the beginning of the game, it was possible to recognize that it was an enemy because of any event. If there was no such action, it would have been recognized in the second half of the game and recognized the existence of the final Billed. As a result, Bill an’s presence, which had to be the center of the story, was boring, so the story became similar.

Next, the development of the flow is because the game was trying to capture too many topics. Evil West is a game about the story of a hero who defeats the evil axis of vampires. The vampire is pure evil itself and acts to be chaotic.

But the villain in the game is not just a vampire. In order to show various reality in the core theme of winding jingle, humans appear in the main character’s group, and there are some parts of the story. In this large framework, there were more parts that seemed to be unexpected for the player who went through a series of processes.

Finally, complex terms add confusing. Vampires from Evil West are slightly different from the vampires that the public thinks. The worldview of the game is also slightly different from reality, so unfamiliar words that are commonly used in the game appear quite often.

Therefore, if you just look at the story you see, you can’t understand 100% of these talks. As mentioned earlier, the protagonist’s actions are also difficult to immerse themselves in the game. It’s not a project to reflect me in the game, but it feels like you’re looking at their adventures behind a wall. The overall theme and directing were great, so if you trimmed a little more, it would be a much better story.

Exploration focused on action

Evil West plays gameplay by chapter and consists of a linear structure. In one chapter, exploration and battles are made alternately, but rather than exploration, the weight of the battle is almost excluded.

However, it is not just a straight line, but it is made in three dimensions using the height of the terrain and several devices. For example, in the without roads, the rope is lowered by a certain target with a gun.

In 3D games, this three-dimensional level design can be confusing in the way. This is because the linear structure map is a form of following a fixed way, so if you do not find the right way, you can wander.

Evil West solved a very simple and intuitive way to find a complicated way. The main roads that players can go are always shining objects. The object consists of a variety of forms, including ladders, pillars of chains, and ropes.


Therefore, the player can easily find the way by just following an object that shines in front of her eyes. Occasionally, there were chapters that explored large areas, and at this time, they were able to explore the map very intuitively through the appropriate level design that made different topographical characteristics or adjust the height.

At the same time, the exploration elements were placed in a certain section, so I didn’t miss the fun of looking here and there. As mentioned earlier, the road to the main goal is a linear structure. However, it made a short road in the form of the side, and it was possible to acquire various items such as money, lower and characteristics.

In particular, special boxes with only one or three chapters can get very useful things for gameplay, such as upgrade pucks and points in addition to the characteristics. Instead, it’s quite difficult to find, so you can’t get it just by just a fixed road.

Fortunately, this was not the only thing that can be found by informing the direction through the brilliant object. As a result, despite the lack of a map, the barrier to the entry was lowered so that it could easily find the way, but left the appropriate exploration element to ease the boredom of the exploration itself.

One thing that was unfortunate is that you can head forward, but you can’t go back. The specific exploration area could not return to the previous area once entered. If you have any items missed from the back, you have to do the chapter from the beginning. As you know the way to get an item, it may be a bit more tired if you are aiming for an all-collector.

Hot action to hit with fists, shoot and support with lightning

If you compare Evil West Action to food, instant food is mentioned. Anyone can make it easily, but it has a certain level of taste and a friendly manual.

Both melee and distant battles were able to feel the taste of hand, and the character operation was very soft except for some parts.

Most of them are fighting with many opponents, so the tempo of the battle is very fast, and it is characterized by action that takes advantage of cheerful and stylish rather than heavy. It was possible to fight while freely adjusting the short range and ranged attacks, and clearly distinguished the pros and cons according to the attack type, and felt the balance overall.

For example, Gauntlets are easily exposed to attacks, so they can be easily exposed to attacks, but they have a high risk, but the damage is observed, and the electric shock stack can be temporarily incapacitated. Ranged weapons are safe, but with low damage and powerful performance are limited in the number of bullets and cannot be used at random.

Next, various actions are revealed from the type of weapon. In the beginning, only two Gauntlets and two revolvers are used, but as the game progresses, you will get a lot of weapons such as rifle, crossbow, shotgun, Gatling machine gun, cross, flame firearm, bomb, and rapper.

This weapon visually shows that it can be used at any time, not just by storing it in a bag, and suddenly it is taken out of the body. Thanks to this, you can see the true scenery of weapons hanging around the main character’s body. It feels like the characters use all kinds of weapons to clean up the enemy in a movie with a vampire hunter.

There is a big difference in this area, and in general, the equipment that can be used even if you get a lot of equipment in the game is limited. Evil West, on the other hand, can use everything, not equipped with the acquired weapons. For example, if you wield a shotgun and take out the shotgun, stiffen the enemy, or surround the enemy, you can take out the flame firearms to cause a wide range of damage. Beyond many kinds of weapons, the characteristics of each weapon are distinct, so they can mix strategic actions while mixing them together.

In addition to the types of weapons, there are various types of actions that can be used. In addition to hitting Gauntlets in melee combat, it is also possible to hit an enemy in the air with an upper cut, or blow the enemy in a trap such as bombs or thorns. If you unlock the characteristics through the level up later, you can use more technologies, so you can battle using the desired technology.

There is also an original battle using Paper. It is a kind of special equipment that utilizes electricity and is used to draw a small enemy before me or quickly approach the enemy. Using this, it was possible to play strategic plays such as fasting between the enemies and blowing it to another enemy after pulling or pulling it.

I felt that the battle of Evil West was stylish, where the enemy’s attack was

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