LOL: Purple painted the Argentine lands, 9Z takes the pass to the Supercopa Supercopa semifinal

By the best phase of 3 of the lower bracket, things inside the Flow Super cop Reach the semifinal stage to face Bonita for the last ticket to the grand final of this great event.

Starting the confrontation we see the things very tilted for the purple team that takes with great force the confrontation to achieve an early advantage in the confrontation which would not release, leaving with gold in the bag to Dandy that had in his hands a Yahoo accompanied by Sufi with his jurist to be able to make a great combo with which they destroyed during team fights we see how the 9Z team manages to take the first point in the series.

For the second confrontation, things were different because now the 9z squad would not let the hands of the opposites, looking for pressure with IGAENR at the top would leave a pique that would be difficult to go down to be able to fall the towers Effectively, on the other hand, the other lanes get a superiority that would be very marked to be able to leave the opposites against the ropes and take the advantage in the fights by equipment that gave them the total victory.


With this, this great duel concludes where the 9z team brings out his best moves to get the pass to the second semifinal where he will have to fight against a mouthpiece for the pass to the final where the sea dragon looks forward to his rival Without a doubt, this tournament has given great surprises of the squad to demonstrate its most powerful tools.

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