God of War Ragnarok: A character dear to the players almost did not exist

Since its launch a few weeks ago, God of War Ragnarök has been a real success. By following Rates and Atreus adventures for nine kingdoms, players know several amazing characters, but there is one in particular that was hardly introduced into the game.


Who is Rotator?

This squirrel with a difficult name to pronounce takes care of Yggdrasil, the tree of the world that unites the nine kingdoms of God of War Ragnarök. The small creature first appeared in God of War (2018) as a skill more than anything else. Atreus could summon the translucent blue squirrel to ing him all types of items.

Now he is a complete character with dialogue lines and missions. The eye wood squirrel ings a comical tone to the adventure of Rates and Atreus, as well as Mimic and if he is still part of it, is thanks to Eric Williams.

And if you have any questions, Rotator is a legitimate character of Nordic mythology, who really takes care of Yggdrasil’s roots and keeps in touch with Nichols, the dragon, and Hraesvelgr, the great eagle in Kelham.

No, he is still in the game

The character of Rotator caused debate in the studios of Santa Monica. Many did not want to see the squirrel appear in the title because their identity is hidden enormously with the overall atmosphere of the game. While Rates is a dark character who (almost) never smiles, Rotator is the opposite and comes to ing a touch of lightness to the game.

Although this contrast was a source of discord among the developers, which is precisely why Eric Williams insisted that the squirrel would be part of the epic.

Fans of the little squirrel can thank Williams very much, because without him, the character would certainly not appear in the title. Rotator is quite charismatic, and his missions are interesting, as well as being relevant in history.

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