DNF dual, the first new character isBlade

New characters are finally added to the DNF dual.

Today’s (4th) Arc World Tour 2022 and Arc Levi Japan’s 2nd day of the day of the DNF Dual’s finals were revealed at the end of the DNF Dual Finals.
The news released is a new platform and a new character, along with the direction of the large-scale balance adjustment mentioned on the official YouTube.

Adjust the items of 100 or more and adjust the gauge through patches where all characters’ health/guard gauge increases.


In addition, the HP of the characters will be adjusted to the awakening effect of temporarily triggered by the characters.

In addition, adjustments to defense options will be made, and evasion movements and guard cancellation will be easier to use more easily.
Following the announcement of the balance adjustment direction, additional DNF dual Nintendo Switch transplantation was also announced.

In addition, new characters will be finally appearing in the DNF dual, which has not been added since the launch, and has been a lot of regret.
The first new character unveiled at the end of the tournament was a former blade of the girls’ prosecutor, and only the teaser video was revealed only the first form of the first-class form, and no other contents were released.

The balance adjustment of the DNF dual will be in December and the switch version will be released in the spring of 2023.

For more information about the game, please visit the official website.

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