Is it possible to reassign the buttons in the Dragon Quest Treasures?

Dragon Quest Treasures, the side prequel Dragon Quest XI, refuses the step-by-step battles of his predecessor for more research and focused on the actions of the gameplay.
Unfortunately, the controls are not always intuitive, especially the sequence of the buttons necessary for launching the catapult.
We would like to tell you differently, but you will not be able to reassign the buttons or controls in the Dragon Quest Treasures.

Is it possible to change management in Dragon Quest Treasures?

No, unfortunately, this is not included in a very limited Dragon Quest Treasures settings menu.


However, you can view the main elements of the world control in the settings menu.
From the outside world, click + to enter the main menu, then switch down three times to select the blue options in the lower left corner and select it.
From here, click IPI you will be shown a controller card with a detailed description of various controls.
These infographics will show you only controls over the world.
It will not display the controls used in the management of your catapult, which is perhaps the least convenient for the user, especially at the beginning of the game.
Holding the ZR to target your catapult, you can see some tips on the screen, but that’s all.
Not the best system for the intensity of autoboy.
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