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By surprise, Riot Games revealed on Sunday (11) that the Valiant Raze and Killjoy agents are a couple.
The news came to the community in the form of an art of the two characters kissing, which made the community very happy and delighted with the relationship between them.
In this way, Raze and Killjoy become the first LGBTQIA+ characters of the developer’s shooting game, although this information is not a complete surprise for those who had already paid attention to the interactions between them.

RAZE AND KILLJOY are a couple

Until the publication of this text, the photo of the art in which Killjoy and Raze kiss already has 47,700 likes and 5,000 comments on Valorant’s azilian Instagram profile.
The vast majority of people were very happy with the post and there are many comments asking for the end of prejudice against the LGBTQIA+community.
The photo has no subtitles and is part of an arts series that show the agents of the game in azil, accompanied by Raze, who is showing Salvador to everyone and even took his colleagues in his workshop.
Check out the art where Killjoy and Raze kiss:

Who there always knew?

Many of the comments in the photo of Raze and Killjoy show that the Valorant community always suspected that they were girlfriends or very close to having a relationship.
In one of his interactions with Raze, Killjoy says, Raze, Freudian, if I see a gyroscope out of place, junk you out of the laboratory.
In German, KJ’s mother tongue, the word Freudian means girlfriend.

In addition, as pointed out by the famous Leaker Big Bad Bear, all images of the group of agents in Salvador tell a small story.
You can see that Killjoy forgot his player before traveling and even tried to buy a new one, although he didn’t like any.


She spends much of her time annoyed by it, but then, he masters her with a new burrow, and then we see them kissing.

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