5 Reasons You Should Play a Mage in WoW Dragonflight

While every class in Wow Dragon flight can apply a decent amount of damage per second (DPS), only a few chosen ones can take first place.
Here are the best DPS classes in World of Warcraft Dragon flight.

Best DPS classes in Wow Dragonflightlight

The best DPS classes are those that succeed in clashes for one purpose (ST) or with the action in the area (AOE), or in both cases.
In World of Warcraft, raid content has a tendency to give preference to ST, and MYTHIC + content prefers AOE.
Keep this in mind when we discuss the classes on this list.


  • A monk dancing with the wind-possessing crazy explosive damage with reloading, high damage to a single target and high damage in the region, dancing with the wind must have been to fall into this list.
    These are self-sufficient monsters that are traded and prepared as necessary.
  • A hunter for chaos demons-like dancing with the wind, Havoc demons hunters inflict monstrous damage to both SL and AOE meetings with which only a few classes can compete.
    Between the metamorphosis and hunting their surge is equally intense.
  • The secret magician is one of the few spellers who fell on this list, Arcane Mages are known for their crazy explosive damage, and this is evident on the DPS scale.
    Even outside their main explosion window, Arcane as specialization is completely devoted to MANA management in order to constantly apply high explosive damage.
  • All three robbers-for the first time in a long time, all three specializations of the robber work very well in the DPS department.
    The murder is the current champion of three, while Outlaw and Subtlety are not very far behind.
  • Wild druid-despite the absence of AOE, Feral Druids ST is ridiculously constant due to the nature of the specification of damage through bleeding DOT (damage over time).
  • The warlock of demonology-due to the nature of their kit, demo-blackberries do not suffer from most failures with whom the other two specializations of this class are dealing.
    Stable DPS without downtime and additional options distinguishes this specification among other DPS.

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