Street Fighter VI will have a version of Arcade.

Last week it was important for Street Fighter VI, a game that showed a new advance that impressed their own and strangers who had the joy of seeing it live during The Game Awards 2022. And although everyone is excited by their next launch in consoles and
PC, it seems that there will be an additional way to play it.

According to what is commented in the Japanese Magazine Fujitsu, Cap com has signed an agreement with the Tito brand so that the video game is launched in the style of the old school, bone in Arcade format.


So at least in Japan users will have the opportunity to enter the rooms to play it, something that surely veterans of the series will thank.
This version of the game will carry the nickname of Type Arcade, and will surely have a different configuration from the main game, since functions such as online game and the campaign mode would be eliminated.
This in exchange for having another button configuration, an arcade game mode and the possibility of playing against other users in person.
It is worth mentioning that it does not yet have a release date, so it could be launched simultaneously to the main title or perhaps a little later to optimize the distribution of the machines.
To this is added that it might not reach other territories of the world, since the arcade industry is no longer so popular in the culture of the West.
Remember that Street Fighter VI arrives on June 2, 2023, for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
Via: Fujitsu
Editor’s note: It would be very good to return to the classics, although I doubt that at least in Mexico the little machines are put, because the places of Arcade are scarce.
Even great places like Remember has retired many of these devices.

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