Electronic Arts Presents Pelones Jugones Official Equipment In FIFA 23

The chemo playing is flying, is the official motto of Jugaterapia, the beneficial sociation that leads to digital leisure to hospitalized children.
Belongs Jug ones, his eSports team, yesterday received his official shirt, designed by Jorge Lacerda and delivered by the former national soccer coach Vicente del Mosque and the creator of Mario content.
The presentation w led by the Naomi sports journalist of Miguel and on behalf of Due Gaming.

Meditation went to the event organized by Electronic Arts and gamegaterapia, in which the little ones shared their experiences on how FIFA 23 had saved their lives.

FIFA 23, a therapeutic title

I started fond of video games thanks to my father, who played Sonic in his mega-drive, Mario explains during the gamegaterapia event.
The content creator also mentions the bad press that video games have had for years, although now the vision of them is being changed and initiatives such those of gamegatherapy are vital for it.
I started being hospitalized before the pandemic and FIFA 23 saved me for many painful afternoons. Thanks to him, I could also connect with friends and continue playing with them, shares one of the children of Belongs Jug ones.
In FIFA, each player controls a footballer, socialization and cooperative game are greatly favored. Football, being the king sport in Spain, connects very well with the children, says Mario.
Vicente del Mosque shared his wisdom former player and football coach.
In competitive football, to learn to win, you have to know how to lose. Sometimes we make mistakes and these help us try new strategies and strengthen ourselves.
Del Mosque highlights the sports spirit of football to remind children that the union of the team and respect are bed for a positive climate within the game.

A Solidarity T-shirt

In the Jorge Lacerda shirt (The Mushroom Company), we observed a boy with a handkerchief and commanded in his hands, with an energetic attitude before the game he will carry out.
On the Kappa website we can acquire it in physical format and with our purche we will collaborate with gamegatherapy.
We also have it downloadable within FIFA 23 and when we put it on we will help to make visible the initiative.
Throughout the week, FIFA 23 players with the team of Belongs Jug ones can participate in a tournament of a super kit composed of the shirt and an in-game object of FIFA 23. To do this, they must climb a goal with the shirt and
Share it on social networks with the hhtag #pelonesjugonesfifa23.


Belongs Jug ones w born lt year to compete in FIFA 22 and this year he returns with the same illusion and affection for video games.
Miguel, Enrique, Álvaro, Javier, Paula, Mateo, Ignacio, Guille, Marcos, Sergio, Sara, Miguel, Mario and María wore their equipment for the first time and shared a game of FIFA 23 in the company of Mario, whose content is specialized in
Said sports game.
The children also mentioned other titles that give them joys in hard times in the hospital.
Fortnite and Rocket League are some favorites, although there are no lack of titles such Animal Crossing and Street Fighter.
FIFA 23, in addition to the aforementioned titles, h managed to unite Jug ones Belongs in a cheerful space, where the little ones enjoy their dream of shining in the field and from where to build a beautiful friendship with which to distract themselves from difficult moments.

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