This Would See Dragon Balls Characters In Real Life

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular animals of today is Dragon Ball, this despite having its couple of decades existing in pop culture, and it is that the history of it continues to happen with generations.
And one of the biggest doubts of fans is how favorite characters would look real without being as a cosplay disguise.


Who has done this possible is the artist known as Helveciobnf, who with the Art breeder application has achieved that faces known as Burma, Roku, Golan, among others are transported in a real photo?
And it is that the app has the possibility of making miraculous changes, so users now already have an idea of how the characters look.

Remember that all this was possible to the application of Artbreede.
Way: Info
Editor’s note: These photos look very good, although going to real life is something that I have never liked.

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