Jujutsu Kaisen Seon 2 Comes Strong: New Trailer And Confirmed Premiere Date

We had known that we would have to wait to enjoy the seon 2 of Jujitsu Kaiser, but we know the exact premiere date: it will be in July 2023, the producer h revealed, Zappa, during the Jump Fest 2023 that is being held
During this weekend.
To celebrate it, a new trailer h been shared (you can see it just above) focused on the history of the Yuri Atari character, one of the main protagonists.

What is the Seon 2 of Jujitsu Kaiser?

So far not too many details of the plot had been shared, which w expected to continue the events that occurred in the first seon.
And so it will be, we can see in the official description of seon 2, in which Yuri Atari and its history will once again have a great prominence.
Then we leave you the complete synopsis.
Yuri Atari is a boy with a tremendous physical force, although he lives a completely ordinary secondary school life.
One day, to save a clsmate who h been attacked by curses, he eats Ry omen Sauna’s finger, taking the curse to his own soul.


From then on, he shares a body with Ry omen Sauna.

Guided by the most powerful of the sorcerers, Satori Goo, Atari is admitted to the Tokyo Jujitsu high school, an organization that fights against curses… and thus begins the heroic story of a child who became a curse to exorcise a
Curse, a life that I could never go back.
The second seon of Jujitsu Kaiser will begin broadcting in July 2023, and you can see it in Crunchyroll, the platform specialized in anime that h more than 30,000 episodes of numerous series.
It is available in browsers, Android and iOS devices, Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation consoles… Of course, the first seon is on the platform and now h dubbing of Spanish, a luxury addition due to the success of the movie Jujitsu Kaiser 0.

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