The Best Competitive Movesets For Murkrow

Marrow has one of the best support abilities, a joker, and it can be trained on EV so that it is very bulky.
The Violate item will increase the protection of undeveloped Pokémon and a special protection by 50% and goes well with Murrow.
He has access to many strong status movements that will receive increased priority in battle and can help with speed control, weakening of Pokémon or distraction.
There is a good reason that Murrow is so popular, and these are the best competitive sets for him in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

The best competitive techniques for Error on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Murrow does not have such a powerful attack or a special attack as its evolution, Honcho, but compensates for this with valuable support techniques.
To get its hidden ability, players will have to use a strip of abilities on their Murrow, which will give them a joker.
With an increase in the priority for all its moves of status, Bedroom becomes very effective in weakening the enemy Pokémon and strengthening its allies.
His set of moves will depend on what the team of each player needs, but these are the best moves that he can learn:

offensive movements

  • A dirty game is the best way to damage Error, as it uses an indicator of the target of the target, and not Murrow to apply damage.
  • Forbidden technique-this move is usually useful only for finishing the Pokémon with a low HP, but it has an increased priority, which makes it a viable damage option.
  • Night shadow-all VGC battles are held at 50, so this technique will always apply 50 units of damage.

Support is moving

  • Fog-this has synergy with Pokémon that use movements, such as close battle or overheating, which reduce their characteristics, since they restore their characteristics to the normal level.
    He can also disable any Pokémon in the enemy team, which is trying to increase his statistics with the help of movements such as the abdominal drum or the dragon dance.
  • Domesting-stopping protection or other status passages from the opposing Pokémon can turn off certain strategies.
    This will not work on dark types.
  • Average look-capture of opposing Pokémon can work well with certain strategies or prevent the enemy from switching to something stronger.
    Receptions such as Perish Song are also well combined with this technique.
  • Avil-preventing the use of their techniques in a row with Pokémon can prevent Pokémon repeatedly use their strongest techniques.
  • Kuash-although this movement does not always make sense, it guarantees that the union Pokémon will move before the goal, regardless of their speed characteristics.
  • Protect-Protect can waste the entire enemy’s stroke, if you use it correctly.
  • Pull Ray-it may be better to use other tricks, but the chance to lose the course of Pokémon and inflict damage to them by itself.
  • Growing-although this technique does not cause much damage, it affects both opposing Pokémon and reduces their special attack by one step.
  • Ice wind-like Snarl, does this the same, but to characterize speed.
  • Sunny day-access to the sunny day at the first move can synergize with some Pokémon, such as those that have chlorophyll or solar force.


  • The rain dance is ideal for rain teams that need a different way to cause rain, except Pepper.
  • Thunder wave is a different form of speed control, Paralysis and Confuse Ray can also work well together.
  • A fair wind-doubling the speed of the team invaluably in the VGC, and Prankster will force Murrow to act first without any consequences.
  • Poor dance-it works the same way as charm to reduce the attack indicator by two stages.
  • flattering-this has synergy with mirror grass, since Error increases the enemy’s special attack by two stages, confusing the target.
    If Pokémon Sniper holds mirror grass, he will receive an increase in these characteristics, not confused.
  • Dying a song-this, combined with Mean Look, can destroy both opposing Pokémon on the field, if you play correctly.
  • Screech-a decrease in the protection of Pokémon can lead to the fact that the physical attacks of the allies will cause even more damage.
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Best EVS kart and assembly for Murrow in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

When making a decision on how to train a specific Pokémon, a lot depends on what purpose Pokémon fulfills in the team.
The role of Error as Pokémon support makes it such that investments in the attack, special attack and speed are not needed.
Whether protection or special protection is needed more depends on how well the team can cope with physical or special attacks.
Teams with intimidation or reflection will make it so that protective EV will not be so necessary.
Here are some examples of sets for Murrow and ways to effectively use them in the team.

support of a fair wind

  • Subject-Eviolit/Focus Belt
  • Nature-calm/brave
  • Electric cars-252 HP, 252 special protection, 4 protection
  • Term type-steel/fairy
  • Ability-joker
  • Movements
    • Protect
    • Favorable wind
    • Fog
    • Dishonest game/growl/Thunder wave
      Moving the first in the battle, players get an advantage in most scenarios, and a fair wind doubles the speed of the entire team.
      This may prevent the players from introducing EV into speed for other Pokémon, because Tailwind rarely can ever prevent use from use.
      The haze can be used to reset the characteristics of Pokémon partner using overheating or close battle, or to turn off the increase in characteristics from the enemy.
      A rough game is the best source of Error, but also growl and thunder wave.
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Track Rebuff/Status

  • Subject-Eviolit
  • Nature-calm/brave
  • Electric cars-252 HP, 252 special protection, 4 protection
  • Term type-steel/fairy
  • Ability-joker
  • Movements
    • Average look
    • Feature dance/fair wind
    • Growl/confuse Ray
    • Squeal/thunder wave
      This set of movements is aimed at weakening the warring Pokémon until they can cause damage, and then use a vile look to prevent their switching.
      This can allow Pokémon to relations to continue to safely use their own installation techniques.
      A critical blow will cancel the changes in the characteristics, but with proper tuning, this can be corrected using healing techniques or abilities, such as shelling armor.
      SCREECH itself can also be used before Pokémon Sniper begins to move to guarantee the application of greater damage to the enemy Pokémon.
      As an alternative, the suppression of the opposing Pokémon using Thunder Wave and Confuse Ray can make it difficult for them to even start movement.
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