Introducing The First E-Sports Specific Training Institution In 2023

The Korea Creative Content Agency (Director CHO Hyundai) aims to support sales and export support in 2023, 2 trillion won, loan 140 billion won, R & D commercialization support, and 50,000 cumulative jobs.
In 2023, the Konjinwon Budget Government’s proposal was 623.8 billion won, an increase of 14% year-on-year.

On the 21st, President CHO Hyundai expressed his regret to announce the support project as a government-planned budget because the budget was not passed by the National Assembly.
However, it is expected that the government budget proposal will be passed as the National Assembly does not talk about the reduction of the budget.
It is said that the economic outlook for next year is not good, but we expect our K-content industry to continue to grow and achieve.

Condition decided to rebuild the full review of the review committee to cope with the changing industrial environment.
The company plans to rebuild regularly to strengthen the expertise of evaluation members and to respond timely to changes in the industrial environment.
The process evaluation officer system, which was in operation, will be abolished.
The AS evaluation committee is introduced to efficiently evaluate the evaluation administration.

In addition, it will promote the first youth company quota system to expand the youth generation opportunities.
Condition will select at least 30% of youth start-up companies that are the first to participate in the support project to expand the opportunities for participation in new youth business.
The quota system is the first beneficiary of life and is under the age of 39 years of age within seven years.
It will be piloted in 2023 and will be expanded in 2024.

Condition introduces a fraudulent prevention system for thorough business management.
In order to eradicate fraudulent supply and demand, Condition will establish a subsidy fraudulent inspection team in the audit office.
Progressive follow-up measures such as participation restrictions will be implemented in case of incidence of fraudulent supply through supporting tasks, on-site inspections, and reporting.

Conjoin One Game Headquarters Vision is ‘young people in the future of the game and the game centered on the game.’
The mission is ‘fostering global game companies and talented people through funding, infrastructure, and personnel level in the game industry.’
Lee Tangshan, general manager of the game, said, We will actively play the positive role of the game next year.
Lee cited the major game support projects next year, including PC and console game development support, strengthening startups and indie game development support, doubling the size of the game talent, establishing a disabled e-sports’ competition, and establishing new e-sports specialist training institutions.

In 2023, the direction of game support business is △ support for game use of various platforms and customized support for preliminary entrepreneurs and game startups △ Support for overseas expansion by supporting small and medium-sized game companies △ domestic game regular export support and major market participation support
It is focused on distribution support, △ support for stable growth of small and medium-sized game companies, △ fostering talented people in the game industry, △ spreading healthy content culture, △ activating esports that all citizens enjoy and boast.
The related budget is 61.2 billion won.
Including the game budget included in fostering the local content industry, it is 76.7 billion won, adding 15.5 billion won.

Game commercialization production support is a major new business next year.
This project supports commercialization of domestic games that will pioneer domestic and overseas game markets.
The total budget is 24.8 billion won.
Compared to the previous year, the agreement will increase from seven months to eight months, and support for consoles and PC games.
If it is a development task, it is possible to support continuous support through the annual evaluation.

A multi-year support project, which had many requests for game support projects, will be introduced.
Condition decided to add a PC to the existing console next year and provide a sufficient business performance period to ensure stable production conditions.
The project period increases from one year to two years, depending on the conditions.
It is increasing to two years according to the evaluation after the one-year project.

The game talent will expand from 130 education to 240 training.

Full-time professors also increase from three to six.
The area of educational facilities is 2.5 times larger from 275 pylons to 682 pylons.


Condition has strengthened its corporate cooperation and decided to pilot the internship program for unemployed people next year.

The global game hub center, which was mainly based on mobile games, diversifies the platform, including PCs and consoles.
Eligibility is relaxed and improved from less than one year to less than five years.
The recruitment period of tenants will be changed from April and August to January.

New disabled e-sports competitions and professional personnel training institutions are newly created.
Condition plans to expand its business in the use of disabled games and esports for the disabled.
In addition, we will designate and support e-sports specialist training institutions for the first time next year.
Condition plans to listen to related industry experts in the e-sports support project.

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