esports Upset Alert: Three Top LEC Teams Fall in Second Week of 2023 LEC Winter Split


With practically every team looking relatively competitive early into the season, the 2023 LEC Winter Split is shaping up to be one of the most exciting.

Everybody likes an upset success in esports, and during the 2nd week of the 2023 LEC Winter Split, European League of Legends fans were dealt with to multiple surprising David vs. Goliath match-ups to begin off the competition.

The three-day weekend kicked off with Group Vitality versus Astral is, which ended with Perez leading the method to success. The next 3 video games, nevertheless, surprised audiences and analysts alike when all three favorites was up to their underdog opponents.

Fanatic now sits near the bottom of the regular season standings with just a single win under their belts, after struggling to discover proper synergy with their brand-new members. Reckless and Chuck haven’t right away clicked as a bottom lane duo, and the veteran marksman hasn’t had the ability to express his mechanical expertise on champions like Virus, Civil, and Real.

The majority of LEC supporters had G2 Esports pinned as the strongest group in the league after winning all of their games last week, while SK Video gaming just managed to hunt up one win. However, in the two groups opening match of week 2, SK jungle Maroon and mid later Strauss integrated for 14 of their teams 25 kills as the underdogs swept away the win.

For example, Group BDS just won a single video game recently, and hasn’t been rated too extremely by fans when compared to the other top groups in the league. As a result, they were anticipated to fall rather easily versus Fanatics star-studded roster, however the iconic organization was overwhelmed by BDS snowball-style team structure.

KOI and Team Heretics offered a more detailed match-up for fans, however lots of individuals believed in the strength of the defending champs when taking on versus Heretics newer roster. But the private ability of leading later Evil came out to use KS ante, while mid later Ruby popped off with 8 eliminates on Air as the two led Apostates to victory.

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