Get Ready To Solve Seven Doors: First-Person Puzzle Game Coming To PS4, Xbox One, And Nintendo Switch In

Swedes verifies the publication date for the first-person puzzle video game 7 Doors.
On February 21, 2023, the video game will be released digitally on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.
The video game will be available on all platforms for EUR 4.99.
In this first-person puzzle game, her riddle solves your riddle, decrypted secret languages and survives fatal traps in 7 different atmospheres loaded with tricks and puzzles.


Dive into unique environments: whether a dark, ancient, baroque environment or a huge chess, there is no space like the other.

Evaluate your skills when resolving puzzles and learns what is concealed behind the seventh door-provided you make it through all 7.
Finds seven puzzles behind 7 different doors, each with its own unique environment
Experiences about 2– 3 hours of difficult puzzle fun
Let yourself be carried away by the soundtrack applauded by critics
Discovers much more secret riddles after the seventh door in this brand-new, expanded variation of the game
Screenshots for the First-Person-Puzzle mystery game can be seen here:

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