LOL Censorship: Riot Games Removes Splash Art from Caitlyn and VI Skins in Some Regions

As usual, each new League of Legends patch ings new skins to the Riot Games MOB.
In Feuary, many Northern Hemisphere countries celeate Valentine’s Day, better known there as Valentine’s Day, or, Valentine’s Day, which motivated LOL developer to launch the visual hearts in love to Caitlyn and VI.
Both champions appear in a single splash art, which will be censored on some game servers around the world because of prejudice against the LGBTQIA+community.
This is not an unprecedented situation regarding Riot content, but it is certainly surprising.

Riot Games Censorship harmless illustrations in art of Caitlyn and VI

In Splash Art in love, Caitlyn and VI appear looking at each other, and you can see that there is an expectation of a flirting at that time.
This is a way in which Riot wants to continue exploring the relationship between the two champions-for years have interactions that suggest that they are more than friends, something that was even more emphasized in Arcane, Lol’s animated series on Netflix, which shows
The characters working together and developing an initial relationship, even if it is not explicit or completely officialized by the company.
However, the servers of some countries around the world will display a censored version of Splash Art, in which the drawings of a heart, an arrow and a cupcake will be taken from the original illustration.
It was the LOL community that noticed this situation when finding the skins on the game’s test server (BE).
Promotional skins images are shown in different sections of the game and also on the load screen.
Finding only a censored version of the drawing, which did not correspond to the original illustration announced by Riot on his official social networks, fans of the game made complaints about the situation and quickly an employee of the company decided to explain what was happening.

Rioter Tiny bun said in a Reddit post: Thanks for your comment. The original version will be allocated to most regions, this has not changed. However, as there are no regional versions of BE, as there are on the official server, we present only to
Changed version for security reasons, but this will not happen on the Live server when the patch is released unless you are playing on a server that requires the censored version of the game.

a controversy as old as LOL itself

Censorship episodes are relatively constant in the history of the League of Legends, however, in the early years of the game they were slightly less worrying.
For example, before the Arthur champion had a different version in China because images of skulls could cause problems for the game in that country.
This is similar to something more recent, when the Thresh model has been modified in the Wild Rift to avoid increasing the recommended minimum age for the game.
In addition, any signs of violence tend to disappear from promotional arts in certain parts of Asia.
However, currently the main problems are not exactly these.
We are no longer talking about Riot trying to eliminate elements of violence, but to erase any sign that moves minimally from heterosexual conventions, showing prohibitions and prejudices against the LGBTQIA+community.


Today the company seems to understand this situation as a necessary evil, arguing that the original versions of the arts can be discovered by those who are willing to this.
In addition, some countries have quite emphatic laws the realization of what they define as promotion of homosexuality.
Opinions on the subject are quite divided.
Some players criticize Riot for censorship, while others believe this is a good prerequisite to keep the game published in some countries.
Moreover, many claim that censorship is useless, as players always end up discovering the truth, as happened with the story of K’Santa and Leona and Diana.

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