A Look Into CES 2023: How Home Appliances Took A Backseat To Innovation, And What Was Left Behind

the ces 2023, held in Las Vegas in January 2023, ended successfully, and it was a month.

In fact, I was a little wondered when I heard that the event was held during the end-of-day, when the world-renowned corona 19 issue was not completely ended before the event.
But when I went to the scene, the previous worries disappeared, but only the expectation for CES next year was amplified.
In the meantime, this year, more than 115,000 industry experts from CES participated in this year, and it was regarded as the largest event among the global tech events that received audit after the Corona Fan Derick in 2020.

With the names of Samsung, LG Electronics, Hyundai, BMW, AMD, Mercedes-Benz, big companies participated in the event, introducing innovation to provide a better experience in all industries, and revealing the next generation products.

In addition, since the global crisis, such as the flag station phenomenon, which has overlapped the economic recession and inflation, and food issues, and anxiety, the global crisis, even in the global industry, to provide better experiences in the global industry.
It highlighted the importance of innovating.

What was the tech trend presented through the ces 2023, which the world pays attention to?
Although it has not been realized yet, it is possible to confirm in an interview with Steve Koenig, vice chairman of the US Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Q: In last CES, VR/AR, artificial intelligence, 5G, IoT, and robots were popular.
In addition to this trend, what is the technologies in other areas that CES pays attention to this year?

CES is also a place where you can experience the innovation of technology, but the theme of this CES focuses on how technology helps to solve the various problems and tasks faced by the world.

To be a bit more concrete, we have partnerships with the UN (UN) agency, WAS (World Art Science Academy), to solve the basic security of humanity including economic security, food security, community security, and personal safety.
I suggested a room.

In addition to the security of humanity, the keywords that should be noted in this CES are sustainability.
The hyper-connection is literally compatible with home appliances and IT products we use, building and expanding one ecosystem, and many brands are focusing on this technology.
Sustainability is especially key keywords that have been dealt with in the last CES.
We showed technology.

Q: One of the main themes of the ces 2023 is Meta Bus, and the keyword itself is ambiguous, and the definition is not specific.
Each user interprets meth uses.

I agree.
Isn’t the prospect somewhat mixed in the industry, looking at meth uses with innovation or raising skepticism about this technology?
Personally, I think the term meths is somewhat speculative, but Meta Bus has a true technical trend.

In fact, today’s meths is very similar to the functions embodied on the Internet in the early 1990s.
Perhaps we were already experiencing meth uses.
At that time, no one knew meta buses.
It is safe to say that the history of Meta Bus has begun.
As with all innovations, we believe that meths technology will be developed and proceeded over several years.

In CES 2023, we can confirm the technology related to the specification of meth uses (changes in tasks, travel, and interactions).
In particular, we are looking forward to meths technology to run enterprise functions such as employee education and shopping in the virtual environment.

Q: After web 1.0, most of the web is implemented in web 2.0 technology. Please explain what the web 3.0 technology is compared to the concept description and web 2.0.

Web 3.0 is a next-generation web technology that focuses on immersive experiences similar to interaction and reality.
Data storage, use, and ownership belongs to the user, and the core of Web 3.0 is possible with reading/writing, which is characterized by web 2.0.
Since web 3.0 is still in its initial stage, I think that the benefits related to Web 2.0 are not concrete.

Q: Web 3.0, seen by Tesla CEO Dillon Musk or Twitter founder Jack City, is quite negative.
What do you think is the homework that needs to be solved until Web 3.0 is a new paradigm?

Web 3.0 is a field that encompasses a wide range of industries such as cryptocurrency, NFT, and meth uses, industries and applications.
I think it will develop over time how Web 3.0 has a positive impact on the economy and creates a new industry.

In this process, Web 3.0 can be a big challenge to various opinions online, such as the Internet, depending on the different perspectives of the world’s policy differences.

Q: NVIDIA, known as a computer graphics design/provider, is not limited to simple computer graphics, so that it has released several autonomous vehicle technology and solutions and drive platforms.

The autonomous driving industry is affecting the wide categories of various markets.

The automotive industry has suffered a downturn, including a number of regulations and shortages of semiconductor supply, but many companies are investing in autonomous technology and attempting to lead in a positive direction.

The industry produces a lot of products, and is improving vehicle hardware and developing algorithms for perfect autonomous vehicles.
As a result, technology development will add value to the automotive industry and provide a lot of opportunities for chip manufacturing and software development companies over the next few years.

Q: As Corona 19, which has spread around the world, entered the finishing stage, CES events also seemed to have regained their old size and vitality.
This CES knows that more than 170 world countries and more than 3000 companies participated.

I agree.
The CES slowed during the fan-decicated period, but it feels again activated.
I don’t know how glad it was to meet the companies and officials I met at CES before the fan Derick.

CES 2023, I think that the event called CES has entered a new phase.
The lack of communication was the biggest lesson of Pandemic.
In fact, we made a bold decision on whether the ces 2023 offline event was held.

Previously, CES was online, but it was a great regret because there was no means to interact with the absence or face of such an interview.
In addition, I believe that the size of the CES 2024 will be greater.

Q: CES 2023 Are there any uniquely noticeable companies?
Also, what kind of products or technologies are Korean companies that are steadily participating in CES every year?

I want to describe Korea as an innovative power.
Brands like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai can be an example.
For example, TVs with large screens or autonomous vehicles they always offer innovative technologies.
Please check the innovative technologies that Korean companies will be introduced at this CES through the exhibition hall or keynote. (Laughter)

This is not the only.
You can check the amazing tions and mysterious ideas of many Korean startups and university research institutes, including the world.

Q: Personally, it’s a pity that the main keyword of this CES is not the game.
What do you think about the future of gaming?
Also, do you think the new keywords described above will be closely related to the game or affect?

What I have felt in consumer research in the US market is that many people enjoy the game.


Even if you do it right now, you often play mobile games (laughs).

It would be nice to see the medium for social connections that can be connected between users around the world beyond the country and cultural barriers.
Among the various values that CES emphasizes, it is in line with the connection, and I think the gaming industry will continue to develop in the future.

Q: Finally, I would like to say a word to Korean readers and companies who haven’t seen CES yet or have never experienced the field.

CES is closely related to our lives, and is one of the areas where various technologies gather in various fields.
Even if you haven’t experienced CES yet, CES is held every year.
Participate in CES 2024, which will be held in Las Vegas next year, and experience the technological innovation that global companies will hear and feel the latest technologies.

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