Jude Bellingham scores a Victory at FC Chelsea and PSG: Borussia Dortmund Emerges as the Winner

Borussia Dortmund’s courted midfielder Jude Bellingham has apparently currently declined 2 interested celebrations.
As Sport1 chief reporter Patrick Berger reports in the Dortmund Week podcast, FC Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain will definitely not be awarded the 19-year-old Englishman.
Appropriately, a factor for the cancellation of Chelsea is the headlined transfer policy of the past couple of weeks, in January alone the blues invested around 300 million euros for new gamers.
In addition, there is a basic uncertain viewpoint whether Chelsea owner Todd Belly remains with the club in the long term.


Nevertheless, according to Berger, FC Liverpool is presently in the lead in marketing around Bellingham.
The present sporting scenario of the Reds, which is presently just in tenth location in the Premier League, let the English international be reluctant.
After all, Bellingham’s claim is ensured to be represented in worldwide competitors every year.

thanks to Liverpool crisis: Bellingham remains with BVB?

If Liverpool were to be on the course of the Champions League credentials, Bellingham might have already given his guarantee, stated Berger.
Liverpool’s crisis could also offer BVB hope that Bellingham will remain in Dortmund beyond the coming summer.
An offer on the part of the Westphalia to make Bellingham into a leading earner with a yearly wage of up to 15 million euros in the future.
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Bellingham’s existing agreement with BVB is dated till 2025.
In the summer of 2020, Dortmund transferred 25 million euros to Birmingham City for him.

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