azilian Artist Creates CBLol-Inspired Pokemon: Gaiel Dutels Illustrations of Red Canids Kalunga, Vivo Keyd, Intz, and More

CBOL, the azilian League of Legends Championship, has been going on since 2012. Since then, a series of teams have been champions of the competition, have been downgraded, new journeys began in the franchise era, among other adventures.
The current 1st stage of CBOL 2023 ings together a series of veteran and newcomers organizations in the competitive scenario, each with its faithful fans and admirers.
Showing his love for the scenery, azilian artist Gaiel Duel drew Pokémon inspired by each CBOL team.

CBOL Times As Pokémon

When it comes to creating the Pokémon, Date took into account the mascots and logos of each CBOL team, always creating an initial version and at least one evolution for each creature.
Check out the result below, and if your team has not yet been transformed into Pokémon, follow the artist on his social networks, Instagram and Twitter, to keep an eye on new arts.

Red Can ids Kaunda

Red won from the duels a fire-like Pokémon, very similar to the Rufus mascot and with two evolutions: Candies, Precarious and Romania.

Vito Had Stars

The VK logo has always been the helmet of a warrior, so nothing fairer than using it in inspiration to create Visa, which evolves to Voted.


The mascot of Kabul!
It is a ninja and the team’s result as Pokémon is the little Baum and its Kabul evolution.


What did you think of the result?


To represent Loud, Duel chose to illustrate the little robot, love and his evolution Denied, whose heads resemble a portable speaker and the bodies contain speakers.


Everyone in the azilian eSports scenario knows that the into mascot is an astronaut, so the organization’s Pokémon would certainly follow this theme, and that’s how Duel created Niece and Intrepid.

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