Experience the Luck of the Draw: Try Out the New Demo for Umbrella Ban by Pepper Game Studio!

‘Golden Record Retriever’, a new work of the indie game ‘Umbrella Ban’ Developer Pepper Game Studio, recently released a demo version on the Steam Store page.
The game, which is currently in the midst of play testing for users, is being developed with the goal of launching early access next year.

‘Golden Record Retriever’, which was first unveiled at the Indie Game event held in December last year, ‘Burning Beaver 2022’, showed a new gameplay as a unique material.
Since the DICE building is a genre name that developers promote, the resolution of the lucky dice is a key element of the game.
The story of a cute Golden Retriever, who is caught by aliens instead of the owner and recovers the Golden Records, is also very fresh.

In this demonstration, it is possible to experience the unique gameplay of ‘Golden Record Retriever’, which can not be understood by listening or watching.

Unique Plastic for the concept of popping

In order to look at the gameplay of the Golden Record Retriever, it is necessary to first recognize the popping concept of the game.
As also released in ‘Burning Beaver 2022’ held last year, the Golden Retriever, River, which solves the universal problem instead of the owner, appears as the main character of this work.


The plot of the game is based on the ‘Golden Record’ in the Voyager No. 1, which was fired into space in 1977, and what would happen if what would happen to unexpected problems in the universe?
It is added.
What if the Golden Records, which were shot into space, were hundreds of things, not one, and aliens who were damaged by the records?
It is certain that it is a unique and fun concept that is somewhat difficult to imagine the ending.

In this slightly absurd story, the owner, who spreads the Golden record into the universe, leaves his lifespan with his pet, River.
For aliens who came to Earth, they would have had to look at only one dog that could not speak properly.
By the way, I can’t identify what kind of race I have, but one of those who came to Earth at that time demands responsibility for the dog.
Your owner has done something, you solve it.

How can a dog river, who went to space, communicates with other aliens?
‘Golden Record Retriever’ shows a lot of focus on this ‘communication’ and at the same time, it allows it to be directly experienced while playing the game.
It is much easier to understand if you think that play rules, which are the core of the game, are also efforts to communicate with dog rivers.

The game solved the dog in a pretty clever way of ‘rolling the door dice in your mouth’ by communicating with other aliens.
In simple terms, if each side of the dice has an option for the characteristic situation, it is to respond with the rolled side.
There are rare things that are as strong as the elements of luck as much as dice, so sometimes you may have an unintentional answer, but then you can re-draw a few times using the reversal button.

Choosing an option by dice is nothing special for gamers who are familiar with TRPG.
However, ‘Golden Record Retriever’ is based on unusual dice and boards, giving each dice a specific ‘personality’ and delivering a new game play that solves the problem.

Routine Dice Building, adding strategy to ‘luck’

In this Golden Record Retriever Demo, you can play the journey of recovering the Golden Records buried in the deep water of the planet after the tutorial that rolls the dice several times from the standpoint of the dog river.
The core gameplay is configured, how many kinds of aliens appear, and how repetitive play with loglike will continue.

In order to recover ‘Golden Records’, which the owner spread throughout the universe, River, a single dog, must borrow the power of several aliens.
Alien colleagues from all over the universe play as a direct exploration agent, and River naturally sits on the spaceship and orders his colleagues.

Thus, all alien colleagues who join the river’s journey will exist in the form of ‘dice’ so that the river can interact in the game.
And this dice have special abilities as they represent the nature of aliens, or they are scattered in different forms of ‘aura’.
The player rolls the dice of his colleagues on the board to create a ‘aura’ in the form of a desired form, choosing the options for each new situation.

In each of the grid boards, up to four ‘aura’ can be created, and the choice of the player is the core game play of ‘Golden Record Retriever’ that the player wants to select according to the color and location combination of the option required by the option requires.

It may be harder to choose the choice you want, sometimes as a fellow alien who throws the dice, and a fellow alien who joins from the beginning of the journey.
In this process, the unintentional arrangement of the aura may force a negative choice, which also acts as a fun of ‘luck’ provided by the game.

However, if you rely on most of the elements in the game, the proportion of strategic judgments will decrease.
The Golden Record Retriever also takes advantage of the popping character of alien colleagues, providing room for the player to select the choice of the choice.

For example, some aliens produce a confirmed aura in the order of rolling the dice, and colleagues who spit out the confirmed aura in many cases, such as when they interact with the dice on the board and have different results.
It exists.
It is not possible to guarantee that these skills of colleagues are the result of each plate player, but to some extent, the player’s choice can affect the results.

Recovering ‘Golden Records’ in the stage of the game has a boss’s character in one planet, and the player continues to adventure by choosing one of the roads consisting of various nodes.
Among the nodes, you can also buy items that help the game by recruiting colleagues, listening to someone’s request, and sometimes shops.

Except the event where the store is buying or an event where the option is provided in the store, the player rolls the dice in almost all situations while playing the game to set the options.
In particular, when the result does not come back, it requires a resource called ‘Grass’, but if the grass falls before the golden record is recovered, the recovery will fail.

The ‘Golden Record Recovery’ mission, which has a boss’s personality, is expected to vary from features of the planet explored by the player, and in this demo version, you can play the mission to recover the records buried deep inside the water.
At the end of the node, the preparation stage to recover the Golden Records will begin in earnest.

At this time, the total amount of oxygen gauge that players and fellow aliens can be used is determined by how well the dice are rolled in the preparation stage.
If you’re lucky, you’ll pray that you can find more oxygen, or you can find records in a limited oxygen.
As such, the stage composition based on the concept of the planet can be expected to provide more diverse fun at the time of its official launch.

Are you lucky to be lucky?

As we are still focusing on play tests on unique gameplay rules, all the parts that were unfortunate in this demonstration are likely to be improved in the development process.
For example, the characteristics of the dice are not clearly distinguished from the appearance, or that each dice are not yet intuitive.

However, there are many humorous situations, and the unique gameplay that requires you to leave your choice to your luck and strategy is quite attractive.
In addition, it seems to play a role in inspiring the gameplay that can be boring by creating unexpected results in the repetitive play process.

Of course, there are some parts that need more development, such as the balance problems of colleagues and improvement in the visual side, but in terms of demo builds to check the core gameplay, ‘Golden Record Retriever’ is a work that has a significant potential.

If you are interested in the concept of ‘luck’ adventure of dogs and left-handed aliens who are traveling through the universe, if you want to test your luck at least once, play the demo version of the game released in Steam Store.
How about seeing you?
If you are familiar with the rules you explain earlier, you will be able to enjoy a fresh dice adventure that is slightly different from what you have enjoyed so far.

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