How to Visit Azkaban at Hogwarts Legacy: A Complete Guide

Did you know that you can visit the infamous prison known as Azkaban at Hogwarts Legacy?
We show you how in this Hogwarts Legacy Guide.
Hogwarts Legacy Scenario takes place before the films’ series, but since Azkaban is an almost as old place as it could be in the magical world, it is a place that definitely already exists in the game.
For not initiated, Azkaban is like a magic Alcatraz: a magical prison of the Ministry of Magic, where magicians who are considered dangerous for magical society are in prison.
The godfather of Harry Potter, Sirius Black, was once a prisoner here, locked up and protected closely by the dark creatures known as debentures, demons of spirits that depress people who enter close contact with them.
In the game, Hogwarts Legacy is a place that you can visit, although there are some rules that your character will break along the way.
For example, the wands are not allowed in Azkaban, but your character will disappear in the prison to introduce their smuggling wand, which will allow you to use Patrons enchantment to scare away the debentures and protect themselves from their dark influence.

Even so, traveling to the frightening prison is a dangerous issue, and players must be well-prepared before going there.


How to go to Azkaban at Hogwarts Legacy

If you are prepared to face the debentures and make the trip to Azkaban,…

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