New Solution for Managing and Organizing WhatsApp Audios – Get the Latest Update Now!

It has happened to us all.
We are listening to music, or we are in a place where it is necessary to keep silent, and we get a voice message by WhatsApp.
If as many do you hate this, you will be pleased to hear what goal is already working on a way of converting the audios you receive on this platform, in text.
According to Wabetainfo, the company is already working in a way that the audio is transcribed.


This is already available in a beta version of iOS, and is expected to be available for the entire public from a future update.
Of course, the application will request a permit that details that the content will be sent to Apple for transcription.
However, it is ensured that the content of the voice note does not reach whatsapp, or Apple.

Instead, it is stored locally downloading relevant language packages.
Now, it seems that this transcription will not be entirely perfect, since there will be two cases where it cannot work.
The first of these is whether the application cannot recognize the audio, and the second is whether the configuration of this process does not match the audio language, although this can be easily fixed.
At the moment there is no specific date for this update, but it is clear that this will solve one of the biggest problems that users have.
In related issues, these are the devices that cease to be compatible with WhatsApp.

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