99.Prison Architect: Jungle Pack Now Available – Master the Dangers of Nature with Paradox and Double Eleven on PC, Xbox, and PS4

Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven today announce that the Prison Architect: Jungle Pack is now readily available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for an advised list prices of 2.99 euros.


The current visual growth for the well-known prison management simulator plays in a lavish tropical forest and challenges the gamers to handle a prison in a jungle, consisting of wooden buildings, change options and a feverish hazard.
Jail Architect: Jungle Load Features:
It’s a prison!
In the middle of the jungle!
The gamers need to utilize their environments to produce wood furnishings, five new flooring documents (one of them especially for water!) And an outside movie theater, consisting of doors and walls.
Whatever is developed to endure in the jungle.
Jungle fever (and how to endure).
Tropical fever can infect the prisoners.
The gamers can fight it and get under control by utilizing network beds, fireplaces and state-of-the-art medical treatment.
Another environment.
New tree types can be found in the jungle, they can be reproduced and offered or dropped as wood.
Some wood variations are also offered for use for watchtowers or drains pipes.
Together with the Jungle Pack extension, The Jailhouse was published, a totally free update that is offered to all gamers of Prison Designer.
The Jailhouse includes gameplay enhancements, including modifications to the behavior of the guards, improvements to the quick-building products, a little modification of the operations coordinator and the addition of Toby, a Yorkshire Terrier.

To name a few things, the upgrade balances the call identity thief and other game results.

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