| SEO Page Title: Explore Azkaban Prison in Hogwarts Legacy – Unlock the Mission and House You Need to Visit

Azkaban prison is one of the most interesting attractions that Hogwarts Legacy can offer.

This prison serves to stop the most dangerous and deadly magicians to restore the peace in the magical world.
In the context that surrounds the game, at that time no one has managed to escape there.
However, to visit the prison you will have a way to do it, although it is not like the one you expect.
In fact, you can only do it in a single house, and to everyone’s surprise, it is not Slytherin.
To do this you will have to be a Hufflepuff and from there the magic arises.
To do this, we tell you how to do it throughout the news.

How to visit Azkaban at Hogwarts Legacy?

The first step, we have already told you, you have to be Hufflepuff, once you have already chosen a house, you will need to exceed level 5, something that is easy to achieve, since with fulfilling some mission and unlocking pages of the field guide,
You will do it in the blink of an eye.
Once this is achieved, you have to go to the lake and defend a woman in the surrounding lake to start this mission.
She will entrust us to speak with the portrait of Eldritch Dig gory, former minister of magic, and this mission of visiting Azkaban will begin.
Dig gory’s picture will introduce Hen Thistle wood, emperor and his descendant who wants to reopen a pending case because, under his criteria, he led to the unfair imprisonment of a young woman named Anne.


From there, Helen will transport you to Azkaban, and for a few minutes you will be in this jail in a brief mission.
The good thing is that if you do not have in mind to be in the home house, you can create an account to exceed level 5, which is achieved in a low time of play.
In addition, in the Hogwarts Legacy Awards list, you have to create a character from the different houses, so in the end you will be good to have a Hufflepuff in your spaces in Hogwarts Legacy.

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