Jasmin GNU Takes a Stand against Sexualization on Reddit – No Limits for Gender Equality

Jasmin GNU (33) has been on YouTube and Twitch since 2015 and is among the largest German-language video gaming influencers.
She spoke openly about sexism in the video gaming market in the past, now GNU criticizes the sexualization of streamers on platforms such as Reddit in a unique video.
What type of video is that?
On February 5, the YouTuber released a video on her 3rd channel Jasmin Gnu in which she slammed the sexualization of streamers, especially on Reddit.
For this crucial, however likewise challenging topic for her, she got the support of 4 opinion YouTubers:
Parabola knight
There is also the Hacktivist Ella, an expert for cybersecurity (through Twitter).

streamers are publicly sexualized against their will

The sexualization of streamers is regrettably absolutely nothing new: clips are often made as quickly as a streamer gets up, or her body can be seen for a moment.
Nevertheless, this does not end on Twitch: There are communities on Reddit, in which, among other things, such recordings are spread and discussed.
Under really harmless pictures and videos, there are frequently rather nasty remarks in which the streamers are extremely sexualized.
On Reddit, far deeper abysses are arisen: Role video games are played in which users play the function of a banner and live out sexual fantasies.
Some Reddit users utilize banners’ sign cards as masturbation templates and post pictures of the result-this is particularly offense, because a few of these autographs were only available at neighborhood meetings, says GNU:

Extremely uncomfortable for me personally […], because I most likely seen the person face-to-face and after that being publicly humiliated is truly not nice.
Other photos hoppers the faces of banners in adult images or use AI deceptively genuine counterfeits, so-called Deepfakes.
These fakes are then offered or sold complimentary of charge.
This has this result on those affected: GNU reports just how much the consistent sexualization has actually currently included to her.
For a while she just wore large clothing in the stream to hide her figure.
When that didn’t bring anything, she gave up.
It is irritating that there are always individuals who would talk the subject of little things, they are usually not impacted.
For those affected, particularly younger individuals, however it is very stressful, particularly if they are faced with it for the first time.

Reddit is the ideal point of contact

Gnus criticism: Reddit feels no limits to his users-sexual and even violent dreams might be gone over unhindered in the online forums.
The parable knight works in his contribution to the video.
Ultimately, Reddit is a picture of our society-with all the lights, likewise dark sides.
A lot of advantages have occurred on the platform and has actually already occurred, but that’s exactly how there is space for bad ones.

[We see] that Reddit’s problem remains in the DNA of Reddit.
Reddit’s secret recipe has actually always been that it can be found easily, but at some time it simply went so far that it operates in general, as if the platform has no appropriate control over itself-or wishes to have at all.
Parabelritter leads the case of Ellen PAO, the former CEO of Reddit.
She resigned in 2015 after there were enormous user demonstrations against her choices to obstruct questionable Subreddits.
In addition, naked photos of prominent women had already been published on Reddit in 2017.
The platform is stated to have actually drawn effects from this, however obviously does not go far enough.
The very same problem now impacts many material developers.
You can view the entire video here:

The Web is not a legal vacuum

What can you do about it?
In truth, such function as falsifying and spreading out nude images are classified as digital violence and are punishable as such-perpetrators threaten high cash and even jail terms.
In addition, platforms such as YouTube and Reddit have to work themselves if they are explained to such material.
The YouTuber Alphabetic has actually taken a look around for GNU Undercover in numerous Subreddits and likewise communicated with users.
He was especially frightened by his research study how young were some women and women who experienced such a strong sexualization-some of those impacted were even minors.


, because I most likely seen the individual in person and then being publicly humiliated is really not good.

Who is there?
With the help of the hacktivist Ella, the identities of some users could be identified who spread content sexualized on Reddit.

Among them are a teacher student and a web designer.
They are now facing repercussions.
GNU advises that: criminal content ought to not be deleted too soon however need to be documented.
Then you ought to go to a lawyer or the cops immediately.
She likewise cautions of beginning too young with social networks.
Sexism in the video gaming market: I believed that belonged to it

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