WoW: Dragon Flight – Blizzard Confirms Bug Causing Mounts to Disappear: Players Advised to Wait Five Minutes Before Stirring Up

Increasingly more players in WoW: Dragon flight is currently reporting that recently obtained mounts merely vanish from the collection.
When the player has a connection termination a brief time later on after getting the mount or uses the resting stone to change the zone, the bug happens particularly.
When you have simply got hold of an unusual mount, this is especially annoying.
The designers are mindful of the bug and provide pointers on how to manage the bug in

This is how you avoid the bug, that makes mounts disappear

The only suggestion from the Blizzard assistance group is presently in the very same position to remain in the same position after receiving brand-new mounts…
This must obviously prevent mounts from vanishing from the collection.


A relog or the like does not assist with this serious bug, given that it is not a harmless noticeable mistake, but the gamer is actually eliminated by the product or the mount.
Because the bug has already been reported often and has received an extra support article, you have appealing possibilities of getting your mount through a ticket.
Call this contact kind for this.
Get in the world and name of the character with which you looted the mount.
Go into the name of the product and a description listed below.

In the very best case, you have a screenshot from the installation drop that you can connect at the end.
However, the mount ought to be brought back to you without screenshot evidence.
If it doesn’t deal with the very first ticket, it stays relentless and attempt it with a new ticket.
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