How to Get the Golden Key on Dark and Darker: Find the Key to Unlock the Golden Door

You have encountered a large golden door in Dark and Dark, but unfortunately you don’t have the key to open it, and force the lock will not work either.
There must be a lot of loot behind, right?
He will not discover it for himself unless he opens the door with a golden key.
If you want any hope to enter, here is how to get Golden Keys in Dark and Darker.


How to get golden keys in Dark and Darker

In Dark and Darker, there are some ways in which you can get Golden Keys, but regardless of the route you take, you will have to dedicate different amounts of work and time.
Buy golden keys from other players.
Select operate and, if you haven’t done so, choose to become a merchant.
Now choose the use channel Trade and Filter the chat by choosing Golden Key in the Item name drop-down menu in the upper left.
Golden keys tend to negotiate for around 500 gold or more.
Booty of other players.
This option is not a guarantee, but since Dark and Darker implies PVP, there is always a small possibility that you will take a golden key to the body of your enemies.
Defeat the skeletal champions.
In addition to exchanging and looting other players, there is a small possibility that Skeleton Champions release Golden Keys.
They are heavily armored skeletons that are difficult to kill and cause a considerable amount of damage.
You can find Skeleton Champions both in Goblin Caves and for Forgotten Castle.
And that is all to know about how to get golden keys in Dark and Darker.
It can be a decent way of making gold, as long as you are prepared to defeat some skeletal champions, but equally lucrative is to open the golden door finally and loot the content behind it.

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