How to Get the Golden Snitch Chest in the Mens Quidditch World Cup


The golden snitch is one of the most wanted articles in the Harry Potter universe;
along with victory and wealth.
Although the Quidditch is absent from Hogwarts Legacy, winged gaucherie has another purpose, taking you to a different type of treasure.
Keep your way and learn how to get the Golden Snitch chest in the Men.

What is the golden snitch at Hogwarts Legacy There?

The golden snitch will appear before you in the Megastars Room as part of the mission of the same name.
Your character will think that he would buzz so fast that they are not sure that he really was there, so that signal continues and pursues that bright golf ball.
The purpose of the golden snitch is actually quite simple, teaching you to use certain spells at the right time can never reveal rewards.
In this case, Action will be your best friend;
After a brief persecution, you will see a chest near a fairly daring moving paint.
First, I use CCI in the trunk on the right side to access an adjacent room, and once you are there, look towards the chest and throw up again to attract it to you.
It will continue to be on the other side of the wooden boards, but it will be at your fingertips, allowing you to open it and take its content of a random piece of equipment.

Can you catch the golden snitch at Hogwarts Legacy?

No, you can’t really catch the Golden Snitch itself.
Your house will not receive 150 points for your skill.
The only purpose of the golden snitch at this time is to serve as a clue to this simple puzzle, instead of being the object of desire itself.
But at least, now you can appease your curiosity to get the Golden Snitch chest in the Men.
While considering your new booty, you might also be interested in the guides below.
Unless you are a Ravenclaw, in which case you probably have read them all, nerd.
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