LOL: Zeus Kralik Secures First Place in Golden League – A Tight Date to Make the Difference in the Table

A new date within the Golden League begins to seek to accommodate things in the table because we see two teams seeking to fight for the first position of the table, being a fairly competed date with results that seem expected but that can vary depending on
of the preparation of the teams that have been practicing during the past weeks.
Starting with the fight between Ethereum eSports against Zeus Kali with a rather aggressive beginning from the OK squad that manages to get proactive thanks to Unicorn’s ability with a Iago who works very goodly to generate pressure on the lines to take the
First point.
Turning to the second map, Kali’s squad maintains control of things leaving resources for Foxy that shows its potential with a zero with which it raises at every moment that it can, advancing as a team they manage to overthrow their rivals to take the 2-0.
The second confrontation would be Mayan Esports against Polar Squad in a meeting that begins quite even for both sides, but it would be the Mayan squad that manage to take the lead at a point thanks to the ambushes of Lie with their Elise to take the
Things in their favor and in a backdoor take the victory.
For the second confrontation, the Maya team takes the rivals with a Middle in the hands of Smooth
Ending with these results the date number 10 of clashes between the squads to be able to move the table a bit, leaving the Zeus Kali team again as the dominant tournament with his undefeated that places him in the first place of the table, by
On the side we saw a Maya that wants to sneak into the Top 4 of the tournament, with the smallest calendar things change little by little.

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