Get a Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest – Tips for Surviving Against Cannibal Mutants

If you are playing a survival terror game like Sons of the Forest, then you probably know that you need to be well-equipped or definitely will not have any possibility against the cannibal mutant enemies that persecute you.
Fortunately, the recently released sequel to The Forest allows players to have some different types of armor that adapt better to them.

If you are wondering how to get a golden armor in Sons of the Forest for yourself, don’t look anymore.
There is a quick guide below that details what you need to know.

Find a golden armor in Sons of the Forest

The first thing you will need before going out to look for golden armor in Sons of the Forest is the maintenance card.
Once you have that, go to the cave in the area shown on the map below.
You can use the GPS map to help you locate the correct cave and other nearby reference points, such as the Great Lake.
Image Source: Interactive Map of Sons of The Forest
Upon entering the cave, which also houses the Katina, be sure to have her equipped flashlight by pressing L on her keyboard.
Keep going down to the cave until you find a hall.
At the end of the hall, you will find the door that requires the use of the maintenance card.
Slide it to access the lower floor and move on until you find an orange yellow door.
Once you interact with him, you will see a quick scene with some terrifying mutants before finally being able to go back and continue straight on the stairs.


You will reach the second floor and this is where you will find the door to the golden armor.
When you go through the first open door, look for the third open to the right and go through it.
You will see the golden armor on the couch as shown below.
Image source: through end night
Now that you know how to get golden armor in Sons of the Forest, address the cave yourself and prepare so that you can properly defend yourself from cannibal mutants when you attack.
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