Golden League: Lower Table Teams Step Up Their Game in Search of Playoffs Points

The action of the Golden League continues with several clashes that show a great adaptation during the dates that are advancing, with each day we see to pass with adaptation of the squads to be able to look for the important points that help them upload in the positions of the table
To accommodate in a better face for the next playoff stage.

Starting with Polar Squad’s duel against Ethereum on a map where the bears team shows his power with an HRI in the hands of Melchior with which he caused a lot of damage to the rivals to be able to support his companions several times
To take the first triumph.
In the second scenario we have the bears showing a brutal force of the lower lane because Roles has in his possession a Caitlyn with the punishes of the opposites in a very good way to be able to have great pressure before the rivals that gives them the possibility of taking them
the victory.
For the second confrontation we see RAM Awake against Spirituals with a sample of aggressiveness with a Richmond Ragas that causes great ravages with precise ambush that allow them
The second game takes a different turn because the deer with a Tristan taken by Master Jo’s in the middle part of the map to be able to punish effectively within the contest leaving the favorable things for the Spirituals team that manages to make that difference that
They need to take the point of the tie.


With these confrontations, the date number 13 of the Colombian League that showed quite intense duels to move the low table is finished, but things are complicated for the teams that are on this side of the table, now the games of the
remaining teams that are in the upper part, seeing that an interesting situation between the squads to search conquer the first site.

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