Heres the Best Void Titan Build for Lightfall | Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s DLC Nightfall has finally arrived for everyone to enjoy it, and with it comes a new Darkness subclass, Strand.
However, most subclass skills are blocked behind the doors of time, so you better stay with the light subclass until then.
This season, Void Titan, in particular, has received a new life with the renewal of the armor system.
So today, we are going to discuss the best Void Titan construction in Destiny 2: Nightfall.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Best Vacant Titan Construction

Next, we will review the best armor, modifications and weapons that you must take into account if you plan to execute a VOID-based titan in Destiny 2: Nightfall.


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The idea behind this construction is to have the most activity time, and although the exotic chest piece Heart of Inmost Light was nerfed, this construction allows him to shine more than before.
For titan of the vacuum, we want to maximize our ability to send spam grenades at the same time that we activate the capacity to devour, which essentially allows us to never die as long as we continue killing enemies.
Therefore, here are the modifications we are working with:
Helmet: Ashes to assets x2, vacuum siphon x1
Arms: Granada Kick start X1, Fire Power X2
Chest: X1 shock absorber, loaded x1
Legacy: Vacuum case x1, innervation x2
Class element: Bombarded X3
The rest of the modifications are to help improve our statistics.

In this compilation, we want as much resistance and discipline as possible, since the resistance gives a reduction in the 30% damage and the discipline increases our grenade recharge rate.
With the modifications listed above, you can generate orbs of power constantly, which will allow you to get more energy from Granada, which in turn will activate devour and also give volatile rounds to your vacuum weapons, which is a good advantage.
Talking about weapons…


Image source: Bungee through
For this construction, weapons that can generate skill energy will be key here.


The UNFORGIVEN SMG can work with Demolitions, which gives more energy from Granada due to death with the weapon.
At the same time, the commemoration LMG has repulsed Brace, which gives you an over shield if you defeat an enemy that is weakened by Void.
If these weapons are not available to you, then any vacuum weapon, in general, will work well, since they can have volatile rounds after you collect a power of power, which will allow you to demolish a field of enemies with enmity.
In a glorious explosion of the vacuum.
In general, the vacuum titans are extremely strong this season, and the Heart of Inmost Light Nerve did not harm them in the least.
With this configuration, you will not have problems erase any activity that you can find.
That is all you need to know about the best Void Titan compilation for Destiny 2: Nightfall.
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