Destiny 2: Lightfall Login Issues on Xbox Series X | s – How to Avoid Them & Maintenance Work Updates

Plant upkeep work has been happening on the Destiny 2 servers since last night.
Throughout the waiting time, keepers can already download the most up-to-date upgrade in preparation for the beginning of Nightfall.
The upgrade reasons Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Collection S but login troubles if Nightfall starts this night at 6:00 p.m. This reports the support of Bungee.
Evidently, some set up add-ons trigger this problem.
In order for affected players to be able to log in, the uninstallation of these attachments is recommended.


The attachments are:
Destiny 2: Forsaken-Black Waffenkammer
Destiny 2: Forsaken-the Joker Wildcard
Destiny 2: Forsaken-Penumbra
Destiny 2: Forsaken-Annual Pass
Development I: Curse of the Osiris
Development II: War spirit
Each of these add-ons only has a size of 10.1 MEGABYTES.
To download them later, if required, must not be a problem.

To snuff out the add-on, you proceed as adheres to:
Is looking for Destiny 2 under My Games & Applications
Press the menu button as well as select Manage the video game and attachments
Press the menu button once more and select Manage installation on memory
Searches out the attachments discussed and also push the A key to remove the hook.
Then most likely to Conserve adjustments
The attachments were removed.
Starts Destiny 2

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