Obtain Larchiduk, the Xelorium Companion on Dofus – Guide and Tips for Unlocking and Using Them


The companions make it possible to simplify certain fights, as much in monocle which is multi-count on doffs.
We present Archduke, his spells, his obtaining and the details to know!

Doffs: Archduke, companion guide

Archduke is one of the original companions (before 2023).

It has 6 active spells.
As a reminder, you can only equip one companion per character.
It is nevertheless possible to equip several within a team.
No one never understood anything at the exact gameplay of Archduke but rest assured;
A miracle can happen.
Official description: Since the dawn of time, the brotherhood of the archduke watches over the Delirium.
These magician owls watch out for temporal paradoxes, dimensional anomalies and potential dangers.
At the slightest hanging in the frame of Erosion, they intervene!
From the top of their perches, they teleport to the speed of thought, carefully choosing the moment when they hit.
They do not hesitate to sow the planar disorder to return the situation.
Followers of celestial meditation, they base on their opponents in a volley of feathers… You!

Obtaining and characteristics of Archduke on Doffs

Archduke is not required for the various companions successes.
He sentient by the shop, against Marines.
Choice of level for spell previews and characteristics

Archduke spells

Choice of level for spell previews and characteristics

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