Exploring the Dark Spoilers of Final Fantasy XIV in Sims 4: An Addon Endwalker Special Drawing is Coming Soon!

An apparently harmless illustration will certainly soon appear in the children’s spaces of Sims 4.
Behind it is a spoiler to the tale of the Add-on End walker, which just fans of Final Dream XIV will certainly identify.
Interest: Heavy spoilers follow the story of the Add-on End walker from FFI.
The image opts for this picture: In Sims 4, the expansion Expanding Together (using Gamester) will be released on March 16, which rotates around kids, family members and maturing.
Customarily, it brings with it a great deal of brand-new attributes and also items that vary from clothes to furnishings, however one point stands apart before the launch.


It is a board on which the Sims-Kids can connect and exhibit their illustrations.
In enhancement to colorful images of mushrooms and hardware covers, you can additionally see a blue bird precede on a screenshot, in which the alarm system bells call with lots of FFI followers.

The name of the bird is Meterion, and it caused an apocalypse in the last add-on of the MMORPG, End walker.
What type of bird is that?
In the history of End walker, every little thing focuses on the impending end of life in deep space.
The reasons for this disaster have actually been numerous countless years in the past when the globe of FFI has actually not yet been split right into 14 mirror worlds.
At that time, a scientist named Hermes produced the nature of Meteion as well as her sisters and sent them out into the immensity of the world to seek the definition of life.
It came as it needed to come: the siblings of Meteion uncovered absolutely nothing however death, spoiling and terrible suffering on their journey.
Their logical conclusion was for that reason that every person ought to die ideal to ensure that nobody needs to suffer anymore.
So they started to snuff out life in the cosmos in a vicious means.
Meteion plays an important role in the overarching tale of FFI, it takes the stage very late.
Without a certain background knowledge, it is hard to impossible to identify them as a spoiler.
Even fans who are in the penultimate Add-on Shadow bringers will certainly not recognize regarding them.
It is consequently a really well concealed spoiler for the SIMS 4 designers.
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Is the world of Sims 4 now intimidates an Armageddon?
This is instead unlikely.
It is not the very first intimation to FFI that the SIMS-4 developers bring right into their video game.
As early as the summer of 2022, fans uncovered some products, in whose names and also descriptions were much more or extra refined allusions to the MMORPG from Square Enix.
This consists of, for instance, the item of furnishings Racked Teak-A Great helves, which refers to the Tactic Wald, a location from the Add-on Shadow bringers.
In the summary, the Warriors of Write, which describes Warriors of Light, the warriors of the light, describes Warriors of Light
The line One Brings Shadow, One Brings the Light originated from the primary tune from Shadow bringers, which was written by Masayoshi Spoken
When logging in, And Also Riding Hooooooooome was the very first thing the gamers belonged to the release of Shadow bringers
The illustration of Meteion belongs to the rankings of the amusing references that are as well FFI in Sims 4.
And also if the Seventh Confectioners Catastrophe Fire wood has not yet created a meteor with Bahamas and also caused a disaster, after that it will not be an image of a blue bird.
Incidentally, the following add-on to FFI needs to exist at the upcoming fan festivals in Las Vega, London as well as Tokyo, but there is difficulty:
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