LEGO 2K Drive: A New Lego Racing Game from Visual Concepts – Experience the Thrill of Racing in a Whole New Way!

The video clip gaming landscape is presently not lacking racing video games.
From pureblood simulations such as FACTOR 2 or RACING, to Limeade titles such as Grandma Tourism or the F1 video games, to Furnace such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is rich in titles.

Followers of future racers could quickly get their cash’s worth with the Kickstarter task Aero GPX.
It looks as if, at the very least according to a present rumor, 2K now want to conflict into the auto racing game market.


The basis for this may provide participation with the plaything gigantic Lego.

LEGO once more as a racing video game

The video game, which Lego 2K Drive is called, is stated to be in growth at Aesthetic Principles.
The studio must be particularly known amongst battling fans as the one that has actually been developing the WWE 2K ready a number of years.
Gaming bolt emphasizes that the report for the auto racing game on the insider Spousal_nick from the Boxer podcast is due.
Last year there was already a message that Lego and 2K may desire to comply for numerous sports games.
Along with the racing video game, there ought to also be a football title in growth.
Claimed screenshots of an early version of LEGO 2K Drive have also made it right into the web.
A launch of the title must take location this year.
Neither the teamwork in between Lego and also 2K, nor the video game itself, would have been formally confirmed.

more news around 2K

In terms of 2K, the focus is currently plainly on the launch of WWE 2K23.
After the predecessor understood just how to convince in our test, the concern arises whether the present wrestling title of Visual Concepts can improve this foundation.
In 2014, 2K was adversely noticed with cut assistance web servers.
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